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About Assured Environments

About Assured Environments

Assured Environments is the New York region’s largest and most effective pest management company, safeguarding landmark properties since 1934, with comprehensive solutions that combine the right people, training, and technology.

Bob Klein Of Assured EnvironmentsAt the young age of 22, Robert "Bob" Klein walked through the doors of his father’s company, Allied Exterminating, and has never looked back.

Daniel Klein, Bob’s father, started Allied Exterminating in 1934, building a thriving pest control company within New York City. In 1964 he asked his eldest son to come aboard and run the company. The two proved to be a dynamic team, acquiring six pest control companies in New York along the way. It was only a matter of time before Bob Klein turned Allied Exterminating into the powerhouse that is Assured Environments.

Unfortunately, with the passing of his father in 1977, Bob Klein was left without the council he had sought for the prior 13 years while running the company, not to mention the last 35 years of his life. But Bob continued to look forward to the day he could do the same for his sons. In 1989, he was able to fulfill that dream when his son Andrew entered the business. In 1994, Andrew Klein took over the role of president, with his father staying on in an advisory position.

Today, Assured Environments is the oldest, largest, unionized pest solutions provider in the New York region. Employing over 150 office personnel and field technicians, Assured Environments services homes and businesses throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Assured Environments is also part of a nationwide alliance known as Copesan, through which it offers quality pest control services throughout all of North America. 

Bob Klein received his Bachelor’s degree in business in 1964 from the NYU School of Commerce, currently known as the Stern School of Business. Mr. Klein belonged to Tau Epsilon Pi and was class president during his freshman and senior years. Mr. Klein is currently a visiting professor at New York University teaching classes that focus on entrepreneurship.

Bob Klein has served on the Board of Director’s at the Children’s Hearing Institute since 2005. Mr. Klein also attended Harvard Business School’s “Owner, President, Manager Program” during the early 1980s.

Bob Klein has been married 52 years to his wife Susan and together they have raised two sons, Andrew and Jeffrey. Mr. Klein also enjoys spending time with his four grandchildren: Ellie, Olivia, Harrison and Alexandra. 

Mission and Values:

Quality: Our staff is dedicated and passionate about providing exceptional service to every client.

Relationships: We value productive, long-term relationships with our associates and clients.

Our Team: We work together to provide great outcomes.

Business Approach:

  • Passion. We love what we do. There’s just no other way to say it.

  • Sustainability. We’re committed to our children and our planet. We are LEED® and Green Shield® certified and assists our customers in qualifying for their own green certifications.

  • Quality. Our staff and technicians are trained by on-staff entomologists and prepared with the best tools and technology to deliver value and results. 

  • Dependability. As a business solution provider, our customers know we won’t let them down.

  • Accountability. From corporate mandates to third-party audits we provide business documentation on-demand 24/7.

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