New York City has had to deal with an epidemic of bed bugs in recent years, causing residents to take extra precautions. While the nasty pests do not carry disease, the small parasitic insects feed on human blood and leave terrible red, itchy welts on its victims. They are extremely hard to get rid of as they are very good at hiding and also have a genetic resistance to pesticides.

Thanks to residents being extremely vigilant, massive hysteria has died down a bit recently, with the spread of bedbugs finally slowing. Pest control experts and city officials have speculated that the increased precautions such as utilizing bed bug mattress covers have helped to slow the spread of bed bugs, but it will be important for everyone to continue these measures lest the problem grow out of control.

Because about 90% of bed bugs in an infested home are found on or within close proximity to a bed, using bed bug mattress covers can help to minimize an infestation. This is a tightly woven case that prevents bed bugs from infesting the mattress or box spring; once it has been installed, the tiny critters that are already inside the furniture can’t escape, eventually causing them to die inside this encasement. Those that are on the outside of the mattress cover cannot live and breed in the mattress as they are unable to penetrate the encasement barrier. They are also easier to spot on a mattress cover as there is no place for them to hide.

At the first sign of a bed bug infestation, it is essential to call in professional exterminators in order to eradicate the problem as quickly as possible. Companies like Assured Environments have access to the latest and greatest technology, including thermal treatments that provide fast results. Following treatment, high quality bed bug mattress covers can also be installed in order to prevent further problems.

By continuing to be vigilant in the fight against bed bugs, the worst of this nightmare can finally be put to an end.