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Do Sticky Traps Really Work To Eliminate Roaches?

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A typical sticky-bug trap in use

Sticky-bug traps are not useful in eliminating pest problems. 

Image source: http://nfrec.ifas.ufl.edu/

Insect sticky traps are small, square cardboard boxes that are open at both ends and have adhesive material coating the interior of the box. Designed to trap bugs when they walk onto the adhesive and get stuck, these "roach motels" are about as effective as using a butterfly net to get rid of a bird infestation, although they can provide valuable information to pest management technicians about the type of insects infesting your building.

Are Roach Motels Good for Anything?

According to NYC pest control experts--no! The reason why they are ineffective is simple--they don't address the sources of the infestation, which are large nests of hundreds of egg-laying females responsible for raising hundreds of generations of hungry, dirty roaches. In fact, for every roach you find stuck to the inside of a roach motel, you've probably got several hundred more scurrying around behind the safety of your kitchen appliances. Also, roaches are not unintelligent insects. If they encounter a roach motel and notice that a few of their missing friends are either in distress or dead, they'll avoid that motel--like the plague!

Why are Roaches Apparently Indestructible?

Simple. Roaches are incredibly prolific and only need water and a minimal amount of "stuff" to eat. They have tough exoskeletons that protect them from extreme temperatures and will munch on anything from postage stamp glue to pieces of wet toilet paper. Also, roaches don't need a body to continue wiggling their antennas, Scientists have discovered that a decapitated roach head will continue functioning for five, six or even seven hours if refrigerated.

Ankle-Deep in Roaches?

Maybe in a nightmare but if you keep using roach motels to combat these tough-as-nails insects, you could have a serious infestation that could shut down your business and damage your reputation. The best, most effective and expedited method to eradicate roaches is to let a professional pest control company attack your problem with industry-strength products as well as in-depth knowledge of different roach species and their behavior.

Assured Environments understands how important it is to completely eliminate roaches from your apartment building, medical facility, restaurant or hotel as quickly as possible and will provide you with the kind of expert attention your building needs to be thoroughly cleaned of roaches.

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