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K9 Bed Bug Inspection in NYC: Save Time and Money

How Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs Stop Bed Bugs Fast A bed bug sniffing dog is no different than a drug or bomb sniffing dog. It’s simply a matter of training the dog to identify a specific smell.  Like anything, bed bugs have their own unique scent. At Assured Environments we employ a team of police…

bed bugs   commercial pest control   residential pest control

How Commercial Pest Control Differs from Residential Pest Control

The differences between commercial pest control and residential are significant - let the experts at Assured Environments tell you all about them.

Assured Environments   commercial pest control   residential pest control

Defending Your Chimney From Unwelcome Guests

This Holiday season, there’s only one guest that should be shimmying down your chimney, and that guest doesn’t have feathers, leathery wings, or a chitinous exoskeleton... that we know of.

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