Nothing can ruin your hotel’s reputation quite as quickly as a wide-scale bed bug infestation. While Assured Environments can provide fast, effective help when infestations do occur, the best course of treatment is prevention. What is it that attracts bed bugs to today’s hotels, and how can you eliminate some of these risks?

The main thing that attracts bed bugs is a source of food. Since bed bugs feed off of humans, your customers are the main reason you have bed bugs. Since you can’t eliminate your customers of course, what can you do to limit bed bugs?

Bed bugs often enter the hotel in the luggage of your customers. Again, you can’t keep customers from bringing in luggage, and there’s no way to inspect luggage for signs of pests, so there’s little you can do to prevent the bugs from entering your hotel.

So what can you do to keep the bugs that do get inside from turning into an infestation? Cleaning your hotel is always wise, but it may not help with these pests, because cleanliness has little to do with bed bugs. Researchers have not found any direct links between a dirty places and a larger problem with bed bugs. However, clutter can be problematic, as it gives bed bugs more places to hide. Keep your hotel clutter-free to help.

Bed bugs got their name because of their habit of hiding in mattresses. Mattresses provide the dark environment they need to thrive, and also gives them quick access to their food source at night. You can help prevent this by encasing mattresses at your hotel with a bed bug-proof encasement.

These efforts will go far to prevent problems with bed bugs, but you should also have a professional inspection performed regularly. Assured Environments has entomologists on staff who can help our team locate and eliminate bed bugs in your hotel we are the largest provider of bed bug detection and treatment services, so contact us today for a complete inspection of your hotel facility.