K9 Bed Bug Detection in NY, NJ & CT

K9 Bed Bug Inspection in NY, NJ, & CT

Assured Environments is the leader in providing accurate K9 bed bug inspection and detection services in the greater tri-state area. Our K9 teams include a certified handler and a trained bed bug sniffing dog.

Assured’s team of bed bug sniffing dogs in NY, NJ, and CT have worked together for years. In fact, most of the dogs live with their handlers to ensure there is a special bond between the two, which helps operations run smoothly.

K9 bed bug inspection is a unique service that provides cost-effective bed bug discovery before an overwhelming infestation begins. The process can potentially reduce both the total treatment area and the cost of treatment.

What are the Benefits of Using K9 Bed Bug Detection Services?

Bed bugs are small, wingless insects that can be found anywhere. They thrive in cracks, crevices, inside walls, light fixtures, phone jacks, and more. Unfortunately, they can be transported throughout personal belongings in practically any environment.

Because bed bugs can be hard to find and often spread quickly, it’s important to catch these pesky pests as soon as possible. That’s where bed bug detection canines come in. It is beneficial to use a K9 bed bug detection team because they are:


While traditional inspections may last hours, a typical trained K9 unit inspection may last 15 minutes or less per room. This allows the team to find the information they need to quickly resolve a bed bug infestation.


The nose of a trained K9 is proven to be the most effective process for bed bug detection. It is the only inspection tool that can detect and pinpoint sources of bed bugs, which is critical in determining a proper treatment.


Our K9 teams can determine which units and what areas are experiencing bed bug activity and which ones are clean and clear. If a properly trained K9 doesn’t find bed bugs, you’ll have greater certainty that your property is safe from these pesky pests.


How Accurate are Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs?

You might be wondering, can dogs detect bed bugs? Can they really? Yes! K9 inspectors are trained to sniff out live bed bugs and bed bug eggs with pinpoint accuracy. Studies have proven that trained dogs offer 98% accuracy in detecting the presence of bed bugs and their eggs. By comparison, humans are only 30-40% effective for this pest.

Assured handlers and master trainers work with our dogs daily to detect live bed bugs. Each team is tested and certified twice annually to NPMA standards. Our teams also attend Assured’s K9 Academy and complete intensive quality control audits.


Why Should I Use K9 Detection Services to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Trained pest control professionals can only detect what they see. If there’s bed bug activity behind walls, baseboards, under carpets, inside furniture or closets, the room would have to be stripped down, which is time consuming and impractical. With a K9 team, bed bug detection is quick and easy. Plus, in the case of hotels and motels, proprietors can take a proactive pest control approach by having recurrent K9 inspections.

Due to a dog’s keen sense of smell, Assured Environments’ canines can detect bed bugs behind walls and in furnishings without any preparation— this makes the inspection more thorough and much more accurate.


How Do I Get Started with Assured K9 Bed Bug Detection Services?

Whether you’re in search of bed bug sniffing dogs in NJ or bed bug sniffing dogs in NYC, Assured Environments has you covered. To get started with K9 bed bug detection for your home or business, contact Assured right away:

Meet Our K9 Teams Meet Our Bed Bug Detection canine team & Handlers

Assured Environments’ canine teams include a certified handler and specially trained dog. Assured’s teams have worked together for years and all of the dogs live with their handlers, ensuring a special bond and chemistry between the two that helps operations run smoothly.


Bill Quinn is a long-time member of the canine team. Bill and Hudson train two days a week with testing every other day. Hudson is taken home after the work day is completed and treated as a family member. Bill has been training dogs since age 9 and working with them in a professional capacity since 16 years old. He brings his experience as a managing vet tech, certified wildlife rehabilitator, dog trainer and kennel master to his work at Assured.


Joe’s experience with dog training began as a teenager when his love for dogs encouraged him to take an obedience training course. He later worked as a kennel assistant and later as a dog trainer. Joseph worked for over 25 years in the North Caldwell Police Department and retired from the profession after ten years as Chief of Police. After his retirement Joe knew he wanted to continue working with the pets he loved and founded an obedience training and scent recognition company. He has since joined the Assured team and has formed a strong bond with his canine buddies. Both Chief & Charlie are taken home with Joe after the work day is completed and treated as family members.

dave & k-9

Dave Machette has over 30 years working in dog training, including his experience working in the Essex County Sheriff’s office and as a certified Police K-9 trainer. Dave has trained hundreds of experts over the span of his career in the fields of Narcotics Detection, Explosive Detection, Search & Rescue, Building Search, Cadaver, Human Tracking/Bloodhounds and Arson Detection. Dave also brings his experience as a trainer to Assured where he has helped implement the Bed Bug K-9 Handlers Training Lesson Plan. Dave’s dogs are taken home after the work day is completed and treated as a family member.


Why use a bed bug dog for bed bug inspections?

A trained pest management professional can only detect what he sees. If there’s bed bug activity behind walls, baseboards, under carpets, inside furniture or closets, the room would have to be stripped down and baseboards would be have to be pulled away from the walls, which is very time consuming and not practical. Due to a dog’s keen sense of smell, Assured Environments canines can detect bed bugs behind walls and in furnishings without any preparation, thus making the inspection more thorough and much more accurate. This precise detection means that if there is bed bug activity our canines will signal the handler! In the case of hotels and motels, proprietors can take a proactive approach by going the extra mile when it comes to bed bug management by having reoccurring canine inspections which demonstrate a proactive approach to provide an alert free environment.

How do canines’ bed bug detection skills compare with other methods?

Sensitivity: Documented limits of olfactory detection for a dog range from tens of parts per billion, to 500 parts per trillion. Humans are only capable of detecting certain substances in dilutions of less than one part in several billion parts of air. Discrimination: Dogs are extremely good at discriminating a target vapor from non-target vapors that are also present, even at relatively high concentrations of non-target odors. Odor Signature: When being trained to detect a substance, dogs learn to detect to one or two of its most abundant compounds. Multiple Odor Discriminations: Dogs can easily learn as many as ten odor discriminations. Dogs are Honest: Dogs are trained to work for food and love... and NOT for profits. Surrounding Environment: Dogs can track a scent through snow, air, mud, water, and even ash. Odor Image: For dogs, a scent is like a three-dimensional “odor image” – and much more detailed than a photograph is for a human. Tracking: Dogs follow a biochemical trail of skin cells, sweat, odor molecules, and gasses.

How often do canines detect a false scent?

Generally, if the canine is tired, over worked or if the canine is not being properly trained, there is a chance he might detect a false scent. We take many preventative measures to make sure this doesn’t happen. For example, we train and test the canines on live bed bugs only and use detractors of other bugs to make sure they are not detecting to any other bug/insects to minimize the chance of detecting a false scent.

I’ve seen bed bugs in my home/building; do I still need a canine inspection?

Yes, all areas of the apartment/home/building should be inspected to possibly minimize the necessary treatment and save money in the long run.

How do I get ready for a canine inspection?

If you are in a Residential space, here is what you need to do to prepare for your canine inspection: No other pets can be present. All pet toys, food and bed must be put away before our arrival. All food debris should be swept up. Home should not have been treated with any pesticides whether by a professional or over the counter in the past 30 days. This includes any of the following: Lemon Pledge, scented candles, incense, bleaches, freshly painted walls or floors with polyurethane. There can also be no construction within the home. If you are in a Commercial building, here is what you need to do to prepare for your canine inspection: All ventilation must be off. No vacuuming should be performed on the day of service. The floor must be vacant before inspection.

How does a bed bug dog inspection work?

“The K9 conducts an olfactory inspection of the all areas that need to be inspected. Upon detecting the odor of bed bugs, the K9 gives a passive indication by sitting and pointing at the area in which the bed bug odor was detected.” - Dave Machette (K9 handler of Bugsy) “If a customer shows us an area where a bed bug was found, we would begin away from there, as not to walk the dog into the odor right away. In a room, we work clockwise. The Perimeter is done first. Then we go over to a table and zig-zag the dog under the chairs so they can get trapped odors under the table. An inspection with a dog is allowing the dog to walk in all areas, closets where coats or office supplies are kept. You will see without any odor a dog will walk freely almost looking bored or tired. Then when the dog comes into the odor of a live bug or egg you will see the walking begin to slow down and the dogs head pick up. It is then you watch the dog and let them walk to the strongest area of the odor, where they will sit and you ask them to "show me" at which time my dogs will touch the object with their paw or the beagles will touch it with their nose. The canine will lock up until the handler acknowledges the find. Signaling to the handler this is the stronger area of the odor. Praise is given with a treat and we move on.” - Joseph F. Clark, Jr. (K9 Handler of Maya)

What if your dog’s alert to bed bugs but there is no physical evidence?

Our policy is if a K-9 detects the scent of a bed bug and no one in the home or apartment is complaining of bites, we would recommend a visual inspection and monitoring service and we would not to perform treatment.

How long after a bed bug treatment can a dog come to re-inspect?

In commercial settings, a dog can re-inspect after 30 days. For residential buildings a dog can come back after 45 days.

Are your dogs certified?

Each K-9 Team is tested and certified by two Police Master Trainers in Scent Detection. We certify our canines following the NPMA Guidelines. The canines also train on a daily basis.

Does a bed bug dog alert to other insects?

No, we train and test the canines on live bed bugs only. We use detractors of other bugs to make sure they are not detecting to any other bug or insects.