Pigeon Netting Installation in NYC & Beyond

Bird, Safety, and Sports Netting Installation For All Facilities

Contemporary commercial-grade netting is all about adaptability. No matter your industry, requirements, or considerations, there’s almost certainly a type and style of net that’s exactly right for your facility.

In fact, there’s so much to know about commercial netting solutions that it can be difficult to know where to start. What kind of net are you looking for? What should it be made out of? What size does the net’s mesh have to be?

It’s tough to know the answer to all of these questions without an expert. Luckily, you have an expert: Assured’s managers are happy to help you find and install the best netting solution for each of your needs. Whether you need pigeon netting in NYC or golf netting installation in Long Island, Assured guarantees that the netting we install will get the job done right, last for a long time, and will be aesthetically pleasing.

A pigeon on a white background.

What is it for?

  • Spectator safety. We frequently install netting in sports stadiums to protect spectators from foul balls, rogue pucks, and other potential airborne hazards.
  • Prevent property damage. Assured netting safeguards property can also protect property against damage from a wide variety of airborne projectiles (golf balls, hard balls, soft balls, etc.)
  • Prevent player or customer injury. By using netting to control playing space, you minimize the risk of players or customers suffering sport-related injuries in your facility.
  • Minimize liability risk. It almost goes without saying, but by using netting to protect players, spectators, customers, and property, you’re also protecting your business from liability.
  • Partition playing spaces. Netting provides see-through barriers that define playing space within your property and protect non-playing space.
  • Sun protection. Different types of netting can even protect against UV radiation.
  • Wind protection. Netting keeps the wind from blowing rogue objects out of (or into!) your facility, reducing risk of injury or loss of business hours due to clean up.
  • Much, much more.

Why Assured?

  • Expert assistance, every step of the way. From the moment you call to the moment we finish installing your net, our technicians make sure we understand exactly what you need and that we provide it for you.
  • One-stop shopping. Assured’s expert technicians help you figure out what you need your net to do, find the right net to fulfill those requirements, and install it all at once. Installing netting with Assured is as quick, painless, and effective.
  • Custom solutions. Our wide variety of netting options give us the means to ensure you get exactly what you want. Fully customized sizing, material, and specification options are available.
  • Help that understands your needs. Assured Environments offers holistic commercial business protection, which means we understand what your particular facility needs to function optimally. When we install netting, we do so while keeping in mind how it will affect the operation of your entire business.

Industries we serve

Cities and Areas We Provide Netting Services to Include

Manhattan Newburgh
Cranford Putnam
Long Island Dutchess County
Westchester Poughkeepsie
Queens Nanuet
Brooklyn Suffern
Bronx Essex County
Staten Island Jersey City
Middlesex Stamford, CT
Union, NJ West Milford, NJ


Solutions You Can Depend On

All Assured technicians have training and are certified to install all commercial netting we offer. When you work with Assured Environments, we remain accountable to you even after the job is done.
Call us anytime, 24/7, to ask any questions or make any request pertaining to our netting installation or any of our other services. We’re happy to help. Thank you!