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Pest Control in Putnam County

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24 Hour Pest Management in Putnam County NY

Putnam County, New York is a beautiful, affluent, and dynamic county in the southern part of New York state. It's home to Sugarloaf Hill, a rich history, bustling businesses, and a climate that tends towards humidity in the summer. With humidity comes pests, and with pests come potential problems. 

Luckily, Assured Environments serves the entirety of Putnam County as the region’s largest and most effective commercial pest control company. With superior solutions, high quality customer service, and a promise to be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week[1] , we’re the premier stop for pest control in the area. don’t hesitate to come to us the next time your business is bothered by pests and you want to not only remove them, but eliminate future infestations as well.

Pest Solutions

In order to best give you the service you need, our pest control solutions come customized to fit your specific business and served industry. The reason we are so successful is due to an approach that combines the right people, training, and technology to get each job done. We employ on-staff entomologists supported by an expert advisory panel to research the best solutions for our highly trained, expert pest control technicians to use in conjunction with our Total Assault 30 day maintenance and monitoring programs that keep your business pest free. 

Helpful Pest Blogs

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  • Workplaces, in general, aren't always the cleanest place in the world, which can lead to pesky pest problems. Avoid letting pests into your place of work by taking heed of this list of commonly neglected pest control strategies.

  • Changing of the seasons leads to changing of the types of pests that come out to play. Stay prepared with this list of directions as to how you can best prepare your workplace for summertime!

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