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Complete Pest Control Solutions in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

Since 1934, Assured Environments has been providing complete pest control solutions to the businesses and industries of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Assured Environments mission is to bring quality through our dedicated and passionate staff, develop long-term relationships through dependability and accountability to our clients. Our commercial pest control services are designed to effectively get rid of nuisance pests that are commonly found in commercial facilities including:


Common Pests of New York Pest Library Categories

Crawling Pests

Flying Pests


And More!

Complete Commercial Pest Control in NY, NJ, and CT

Assured Environments provides the highest form of quality assurance. Our effective IPM services are guaranteed to meet the highest-quality in commercial pest control standards. By utilizing comprehensive inspections we can identify any sanitation concerns or structural conditions contributing to pests. We implement exclusion, sanitation and non-chemical options in order to provide environmentally responsible management. With the addition of our monitoring system, which is implemented during regular service inspections, Assured Environments can cover a vast range of commercial environments.

Assured Sustainability is our Green IPM system that delivers results without unnecessary or indiscriminate use of pesticides. It can be tailored to meet either GreenShield or LEED certifications.

Pest Management FAQ

How much is pest control?

Costs vary based on the type of pest, size of the affected area and the level of infestation. The best way to get started is to  have a member of the Assured Environments team perform a free inspection of your facility. Once we've assessed your pest problem we can budget with you. Consider our Total Assault program to keep your spaces pest free all year round.

Why are bugs attracted to light?

There's no singular answer to this question. Some theories suggest that lights at night interfere with bug's or insect's natural navigation system. Other theories say that bugs associate the light with food or that bugs go towards lights as a means of escaping predators. 

Where do bugs go in winter?

Pests don't magically disappear when the temperature drops. Many insects will try to find a way inside your home or business to obtain food and avoid the cold. In the wild, many caste insects die off while the queens hibernate until spring when they rebuild the hive or colony. Other insects burrow underground and go into a state of diapause, which is like hibernation.

Why choose Assured Environments for New York area pest control?

Assured has the experience and expertise to tackle any pest you may encounter. Learn more why our services and pest control methods are the most effective. 

What Cities does Assured Environments service?

Cities and Areas We Serve Include

Long Island
Staten Island
Union, NJ

Dutchess County
Essex County
Jersey City
Stamford, CT
West Milford, NJ

No matter what type of business or industry, Assured Environment’s commercial pest solutions are the ideal way to eliminate insects and rodents and are always customized to suit a business’ unique pest control needs. For more information on our general commercial pest control for you and your market, please contact us today!

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