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Assured Difference - PesTelligent®

  • Comprehensive project management

  • Tracking & documentation

  • Project requirements

  • Provides cost efficiency

  • On-demand customer reporting 

About PesTelligent 

Assured equips its technicians with Motorola MC65 rugged hand-held computers with the following features:

Always-on Access to Enterprise Applications

Get real-time access to critical backend systems and the ability to interact with applications that provide the latest information, enable updates, and relay critical data. This makes it easier to share customer information with entomologists and others in the Assured proprietary network. 

One-Click Data Capture

Empowers technicians to capture photos, videos, bar codes and documents instantly – recording vital information that used to be scribbled down – or missed entirely. 

Customized Interface

User interface tailored for the Assured pest management marketplace, empowers our technicians to put the applications and functions they use most right at their fingertips. Faster, easier access to what is really important – to maximize workflow efficiency. This allows customers have on-line access to the status of work performed and scheduling information. 

The single most important benefit that the Assured PesTelligent® program provides is to keep customers in the loop. Whether it’s for comprehensive project management, tracking and documentation, or for quantifying the requirements of a project – including the hours and cost –

PesTelligent is up to the challenge. Customers never have to wait for a paper document since Assured’s virtual office is actually in the hands of the technician who is on-site at the customer’s business. That’s why PesTelligent® is the intelligent alternative to information management of pest issues.

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