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Chute Cleaning

Chute Cleaning in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

Trash Chutes: Pest Breeding Ground 

Property owners and managers face risks like building violations, unsightly odors, and fire hazards daily. Dirty or un-maintained trash chutes can cause all of these problems at one timeThat said, they’re totally avoidable and affordable within today’s budget and management constraints - all you need is a little help..

Assured has developed a comprehensive trash chute cleaning and maintenance program designed to meet your businesses budget objectives. We deliver a turnkey service utilizing our specialized teams of certified technicians.

Why Clean Trash Chutes? 

Safety - Tenants discard unsuitable items into trash chutes. Some items are flammable (paints, thinners, etc.) while others adhere to the sides of the chute.

Odors -  Everyone is concerned with odors that emanate from trash chutes and permeate the hallways and stairwells of buildings, leading to complaints.

Health -  Many of the items found in trash chutes contain organic waste ingredients, a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and disease-causing organisms to thrive and spread.

What is the Assured Process? 

Pre-Soak -  Using a degreaser, we pre-soak the chute system, floor by floor, to loosen both inorganic and organic debris and soften the materials which may have adhered to the chute walls.

Power Wash -  We steam power wash (at +210 degrees) the entire chute system, using Assured’s AE9002 Microbe-CleanerTM, a powerful disinfectant formulated with premium natural, scum-eating, odor-eliminating microbes that contains no harsh chemicals or odors.

Deodorizing -  We apply an enzyme treatment to the chute that feeds on bacteria and other residue, and then the system receives a comprehensive deodorizer.

Benefits of Trash Chute Cleaning:

  • Utilizes proprietary 210 degree steam and hot water treatment
  • Eliminates odors, germs and disease
  • Abolishes a major breeding ground for vermin, roaches and rodents
  • Includes a powder-dusting of chutes and compactors with insecticides by a licensed exterminator
  • Offers maintenance agreements with quarterly dusting and deodorizing services 

How Often Should Trash Chutes Be Cleaned? 

We recommend that trash chutes be cleaned twice a year, summer and winter, especially before and after major holidays.

Our Solutions Keep Us Accountable 

We provide comprehensive quality assurance and project documentation, collected through our technicians’ hand-held technology. All current and historical project data are accessible by you through our web-based customer portal. We provide 24/7 accessibility through our in-house call center and can escalate any emergency within our internal structural protocols.

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