Commercial Disinfectant Cleaning Services

Disinfectix™ by Assured Environments

With the spread of COVID-19, your business has probably taken quick measures to protect employees and customers. There’s a good chance you’re working tirelessly to disinfect your building. However, it’s crucial to ensure your space is as safe and clean as possible.

That’s why Assured Environments is now offering Disinfectix™, a disinfection service for commercial properties.


What is Disinfectix™ by Assured Environments?

During this uncertain time, Assured is providing Disinfectix™. Disinfectix™ is a site disinfecting service for use against various pathogens and meets EPA criteria for fighting COVID-19. It is effective and approved for use in businesses such as daycares, schools, food manufacturing, warehousing, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Why should my company use Disinfectix™?

Using Disinfectix™ in your building will: Create a safer environment with minimal disruption to your business Kill dangerous pathogenic organisms that may be present on non-porous surfaces Be quick process that leaves no residue behind Protect your business’s reputation and allow you to receive peace of mind

Why should I hire Assured to disinfect my business?

There is no time to hire an unqualified company to disinfect your business. Don’t take the risk of doing it on your own, either. It’s crucial to get in touch with the professionals at Assured to safeguard your business against infectious diseases. When you hire Assured, you can expect: Professionals that are trained on proper use of the products including disinfectant application techniques and enhanced safety protocols A team that utilizes proper personal protective equipment to minimize the spread of germs or pathogens Experts with years of experience

How do I get started with Disinfectix™ by Assured Environments?

If you’re looking to ensure the safety of your business, it’s time to get in touch with Assured Environments! A safer space is just a phone call away. Contact us today to request a quote or to learn more about Disinfectix™.