Warehouse Pest Control

Commercial Pest Management Services for Warehouses

Pest control is a crucial aspect of managing any warehouse facility. Pests are particularly attracted to quiet, secluded structures, which means they’re frequently drawn to warehouses. Once inside, pest problems can make a mess, hurt your reputation, and even ruin entire inventories, substantially affecting your bottom line. The best way to prevent pests from hurting your warehouse is by having a plan in place for them at all times. Assured Environments wants to be that plan.

Assured Environments is New York’s oldest and largest commercial pest control company. We’ve been providing pest control services to warehouse facilities in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut since 1934. When you work with Assured, we don’t just wipe out any pest infestations you’re dealing with right now. We also develop a customized plan to make sure you don’t have to deal with pests again. You don’t get a one-time pest service; you get a partner in pest control for good. That’s the Assured Difference.

Customized Pest Services for Warehouses

When Assured Environments works with a warehouse facility, we design customized, sustainable pest control services in the integrated pest management (IPM) model. Whatever pest control service you require, we provide it in the most effective possible manner for your business. If you need any of the following pest control solutions, Assured Environments is the service to call:

A mouse looking to the side.

Rodent Control 

Rats and mice are a serious problem for New York’s educational facilities. They sneak inside through small access points around door and window frames, and usually feed on garbage. Once they’re established, rodents are very difficult to remove without professional help. Luckily, Assured can remove rodent infestations and keep them from getting in again. Learn more about how we handle rats and mice here!

A bed bug on a white background.
A cockroach on a white background.

Cockroach Removal and Control 

Cockroaches are very common infestations throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut’s educational facilities. They sneak in through small access points and nest in dark, humid, and secluded places. Assured can wipe out cockroach infestations, remove nests, and make sure they can’t come back.

Trash Chute Cleaning 

Several varieties of pests, including flies, silverfish, moths, centipedes, and even rodents can make nests inside residue left in dirty trash chutes. This is a particularly egregious problem, because once established in chutes, pests often spread throughout the building. Assured can clean trash chutes and ensure that pests can’t access them again.

A fruit fly infestation on sliced green apples.

Fly Management and Drain Cleaning 

Flies are attracted to any sources of food or moisture. They frequently make nests inside residue left behind in dirty drains. The longer flies infest a drain or other source of moisture, the more trouble they can cause. Assured cleans drains, removes nests, and makes sure flies can’t establish themselves again.

General Insect Removal and Prevention

There are a wide variety of different insect pests that could infiltrate your warehouse facility. Assured can design customized, sustainable pest management plans for all kinds of crawling and flying insects. No matter what kind of pest problem you’re having, Assured has the tools and expertise to take care of it for good.

Cities and Areas We Serve Include

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Want to learn more about why Assured Environments is the right pest control solution for your warehouse? You can read more about the Assured Difference here.

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