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Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Detection and Treatment 

North America’s Most Effective Detection & Treatment Programs

Assured Environments has developed the most effective solutions for detecting and eliminating bed bug infestations in North America.  As the largest provider of these services we have assembled the technologies and processes, using our staff entomologists and other leading bed bug experts.  

The worldwide increase in bed bug infestations is the result of greater international travel and human interaction, since the insects are very successful hitchhikers and are good at hiding in inconspicuous places. 

We have proven that our experience and methods warrant results that are as effective as they are environmentally sound for the following surroundings:

            •    Residential             •    Commercial offices

            •    Hotel                       •    Assisted living

            •    Healthcare              •    Theaters    

            •    College & university dormitories 

Assured Bed Bug Service offerings include:

                        •   Detection

                        •   Elimination

                        •   Control and Prevention

                        •   Maintenance Programs

                        •   Extended Service Warranties 

Why Assured for Bed Bugs?

We have a dedicated and separate division that provides bed bug detection and elimination services. Each service solution is distinct from our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) business. 

The intensity and thoroughness of the bed bug treatment process, however, requires more complete training. It leverages many technologies and working principles. This approach has strengthened our reputation as one of the world’s leaders in providing high quality results to individual consumers and businesses. 

There is a great difference in working with Assured Environments. 

We have two full-time entomologists and multiple bed bug K-9 and elimination teams, each closely supervised, incorporating a rigid quality control process. Our solutions are proven effective. 

We have developed programs that support budgetary, logistical, and timing constraints for residential occupants, property managers, and business owners. We have mastered the elimination process while accommodating your business objectives and the realities of the marketplace. 

Assured Environments is the leader in providing accurate K-9 detection services in the greater tri-state area. Bed bugs are small, wingless insects, and can be found anywhere. They thrive in cracks and crevices. They hide in walls, light fixtures, phone jacks, and other receptacles, and are accidentally transported throughout personal belongings in practically any environment. 

K-9 inspections are a unique service that can prove cost-effective by locating bed bugs before they become overwhelming infestations. This process can potentially reduce both the total treatment area and the cost of treatment. Detection in early bed bug life stages is key to eliminating bed bug infestations. 

Conventional Treatment: 

Assured Environments will provide services for the remediation of Bed Bugs within the structure utilizing our four part conventional Integrated Pest Management (IPM) treatment process as developed by our team of board certified entomologists.

Our conventional IPM treatment method can eradicate a bed bug infestation, by timing our services to coincide with bed bug lifecycles. Once bed bugs are eliminated, it’s important to take the necessary steps to avoid re-infestations.

This treatment method utilizes conventional tools that are designed to remediate infestations. Our Conventional four Part Protocol treatment consists of:

1. HEPA-Vacuuming
Assured uses high-powered HEPA filtration vacuum to target bed bug infested areas and remove the pests quickly and effectively.

2. Steam Treatment
We apply a low humidity steam treatment in areas that are not accessible by our HEPA-vacuums.

3. Dusting of Voids
Assured eliminates bed bugs that are hiding inside walls by injecting residual dust insecticide between all accessible wall voids.

4. Crack and Crevices
Hard to reach areas receive an application of a residual pesticide to kill bed bugs hiding in cracks and crevices.

For your convenience and improved results, Assured Environments also offers:

Pre-Preparation Services
Treatments are successful when proper preparation of the infested area occurs. Assured will do all the prep work required for you with our pre-preparation services.

Offsite Fumigation
Large quantities of personal possessions can be much more efficiently remediated by using an enclosed offsite fumigation chamber. Items are loaded and delivered to our fumigation facility, are treated and returned bed bug free between 24 and 48 hours later.

Thermal Treatment:

Assured Environments will provide services for the remediation of bed bugs within the structure utilizing our portable thermal structural heat system. This one-service treatment strategy uses forced hot air technology to obtain quick, reliable results and effectively eliminate bed bugs. 

Assured Environments Thermal Treatment is a “Green” option, which uses a limited or chemical free process. This option can significantly eliminate all stages of bed bugs, return a property to use within 12 hours and can also eliminate bed bug activity that can significantly damage your reputation. 

The treatment steps will include equipment placement throughout the infested dwelling as follows. 

  1. Unmarked mobile equipment will be placed in the street, loading dock or driveway of the client’s property.

  2. Portable thermal equipment and industrial fans will be placed strategically throughout the entire home/apartment in order to ensure uniform temperature sufficient to terminate various life stages of Bed Bugs.

  3. The temperature will be monitored using real time wireless remote sensors to ensure the treatment reaches critical temperature.

  4. The air is then circulated throughout the infested area to reach insects in cracks, crevices and high infestation zones.

  5. Contents in drawers, closets and other areas will be moved / positioned properly to ensure effective heating.

  6. Beds and other furnishings will be moved to ensure all areas are heated to critical temperature.

  7. We will inject a residual insecticide dust in to all accessible wall voids through removed light switch plates and receptacle outlet plates.

  8. We will furnish and install high quality “Bed Bug” rated mattress and box spring encasements throughout the dwelling at an additional cost.

  9. Standard or large climb-up monitors based upon bed post size.

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