Drain Cleaning & Grease Trap Cleaning NYC

Drain Cleaning New York & Throughout NY, NJ, and CT

Assured provides effective commercial drain cleaning in NY, NJ, and CT.  Our drain cleaning services reduce the potential breeding grounds for flies and improving drainage from facility-related activities. The process converts organic waste and grease waste into fatty acids that can be oxidized into nonpolluting carbon dioxide and water, safely released into municipal waste systems.

Grease Trap Installation NYC and Beyond

Grease Trap Cleaning.  Assured provides cleaning of grease traps to ensure your sewer system does not become blocked and to help reduce drainage problems and odors. There are three steps.

1. Removal of all grease and grease-laden residues.
2. Refill trap with water and test for proper flow.
3. Properly dispose of grease residue.

Fly Management Services


Assured Environments has developed a protocol with unique products and services designed to successfully manage fly infestations in commercial facilities, fully compliant with all food safety programs.

  • A single fly carries an average of two million bacteria
  • Flies contaminate raw food and preparation areas
  • Fly problems can damage your business reputation
  • Flies lower scores for health and safety inspections, leading to closure 

Leading Cause of Low Regulatory Scoring

Food & beverage service managers need to have an active program that manages the sustained threat that accompanies decaying organic matter found in drains and grease traps.

Lack of attention to these areas promotes fly infestations that leads to low regulatory scoring, fines, and unhappy clients.

Assured Environments, the largest and most effective pest control company in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut metro area, has developed comprehensive programs utilizing specially trained and equipped teams of technicians that can provide turnkey services that safely and thoroughly manage fly infestations and other essential services.

Cities and Areas We Provide Drain Cleaning Services to Include

Manhattan Newburgh
Cranford Putnam
Long Island Dutchess County
Westchester Poughkeepsie
Queens Nanuet
Brooklyn Suffern
Bronx Essex County
Staten Island Jersey City
Middlesex Stamford, CT
Union, NJ West Milford, NJ