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Commercial Pest Control Services - Residential Property Management in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut 

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As a residential property manager, you’re responsible for people’s homes and comfort. That means paying attention to the everyday details of the lives of dozens or hundreds of people, which is a lot to juggle. Providing a clean, safe, and healthy environment starts with making sure you have a proper integrated pest management plan in place to keep pests out.
Pest control is a serious job, and the experts at Assured Environments take it seriously. They know that your company’s reputation relies on your ability to keep pests - which can carry and spread disease - out, long term. We’ve spent years developing detailed pest removal and prevention programs to address the specific challenges that residential property managers face, while maintaining the discretion and speed of service that they need.

Services We Provide

Whether you manage a garden apartment complexes or an 80 story high rise, Assured Environments has a robust suite of customizable pest management services for all variety of needs. Some of our specific service offerings include:

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