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New York’s common flying pests present unique exclusion challenges, for obvious reasons! Not only can flying insects infiltrate homes through the same access points that most crawling pests use, they also have access to several areas only flyers could get to. Once inside, flying pests can remain surprisingly hard to find… until you notice the damage they’ve caused.

From beetles, to crickets, to (of course) pigeons, there are a wide variety of flying pests terrorizing New York skies. No two species of pest are exactly the same, and no pest control or pest bird management approaches could possibly control all of them. Luckily, Assured Environments has the expert knowledge, modern technology, and years of experience required to identify, treat, and prevent the flying annoyances clogging your airspace. Click on the flying pest you’re worried about to learn a little about what it is, where it came from, and how you can keep it out.


Common Flying Pests of New York Pest Library Pages 

Bees, Wasps & Hornets



Boxelder Bugs

Carpet Beetles



Fruit Flies

Fungus Gnats

Lady Bugs



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