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Rodents in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut 

Protecting Your Business from New York's Nemesis

Rodents enjoy an almost mythic status in New York City. You’ve probably endured your fair share of condescending questions about super rats or the idea that there are as many mice in NYC as there are people. Overstated as these tall tales may be, however, New York’s rodent pests enjoy their outsized reputation for a reason. When it comes to disrupting and damaging New York businesses, the ravenous rodents of New York have always been public enemy #1.

Just because our city has struggled against its rodential rival since time immemorial doesn’t mean your business has to, however. Not when you have New York’s largest and most effective pest management company on your side. Whether you have rats, mice, or some disconcerting combination of both, click on the rodents in the table below to learn about what makes them tick and how you can use good pest management techniques to keep them out.


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