If you’ve determined that you have a bed bug problem, you are likely disgusted. You’ve probably scoured the internet to find out everything you can do to eliminate the bed bug problem in your home.

Unfortunately, no matter how many DIY tactics you try to get rid of bed bugs, they aren’t going to go away – something you’ve likely already realized. A professional is going to need to be called to come in and handle your bed bug situation. so you grab your phone book and flip to the yellow pages to find a bed bug exterminator NYC, but there are way too many companies to choose from.

How in the world will you ever select one of them? You want the best bed bug exterminator NYC, but how do you figure out who is the best? Here’s a few imperative questions that you need to ask any bed beg exterminating company before you hire them:

  1. Is the company or contractor fully licensed and insured? 
    There’s only one right answer to this question: yes!
  2. Does the company use their own employees or hire sub-contractors?
    It is always better to work with a bed bug exterminating company that uses their own fully trained employees.
  3. Does the company specialize in bed bug extermination or have references to prove experience?
    Many companies have experience handling various types of pests, but have little to no experience actually eliminating the threat of bed bugs. It is recommended to choose an exterminating company that has experience and specializes in bed bugs.
  4. Does the company have references?
    Don’t just go on the company’s word that they have experience. Request references that will stand by their word. Don’t be afraid to call those references, either!
  5. Does the company offer written treatment plans?
    Almost any professional bed bug exterminator NYC will provide a detailed outline of their treatment plan. This plan should outline how they will exterminate the bed bugs, your responsibilities in the exterminating process, their guarantee (if any) as well as any follow-up information that may be needed.

Ultimately, you are going to be on the lookout for a bed bug exterminator NYC, such as Assured Environments that specializes in eliminating bed bugs and has a proven track record of eliminating these nasty little pests. Assured Environments is your solution to Bird Control Chute Cleaning, Fly Management & Food Safety, Drain Cleaning, Pest Control, LEED, and of course Bed Bugs.