Although “curb appeal” initially attracts every prospective commercial property buyer to a certain facility, focusing on a building’s facade or the amount of cosmetic updates it may need and nothing else can immediately spell trouble for the owner and facility manager. That’s because the cost of repainting, recarpeting or replacing outdated plumbing is pennies when compared to the cost of repairing the damage (both structural and reputational) caused by an undetected pest infestation.

Termites Can Leave You Paying the Tab

Research shows that new commercial and building owners could potentially save themselves millions of dollars every year in structural repairs (and doctor bills interestingly enough- for stress-related conditions) if they would proactively have their facilities professionally inspected for termites before acquiring the building or making building extensions. 

Although a small colony of termites can chew through a two-by-four in less than 30 minutes, they make no noise whatsoever while feasting on property structures. Unlike mice and other rodents that squeak, scurry and scratch while eating. Unless the buyer is a pest infestation expert or a trained entomologist, it’s highly unliklye they will know what to look for in buildings being consumed by soundless termites.

Termites will also chew through books, drywall and plaster when no wood is available. They prefer to stay out of the limelight and seem to have an instinct for knowing all the good places to hide in a large building. Another reason why a termite infestation is like a slowly exploding, silent bomb is because termites typically leave exposed wood surfaces ‘unchewed’, preferring to chew on the inner, concealed surfaces of wood and drywall.

The Internet is full of horror stories told by buyers of restaurants, hotels, food facilities, hospitals and schools who did not discover their building suffered a termite infestation until several years later! By then, the building needed tens of thousands of dollars worth of repairs to make it safe, code compliant and habitable. By the way, that doesn’t include the cost of eradicating a massive termite colony that had been festering all that time.

Don’t wait until you suspect termites, rodents or bed bugs are living rent-free in your facility. Have your building professionally inspected for termites and other pests by contacting Assured Environments today.