If you are walking down the street and you found $200 on the ground, chances are you’ll take it. What if you found $10,000? Most people would probably take the money and run, but there are certainly a good, honest few that would do their best to return the valuables.

Recently, while performing a routine bed bug preparation service, an Assured Environments’ pest control service team discovered and returned more than $10,000 in cash and valuables that had been hidden in a Upper East Side apartment in Manhattan. This is the sort of act that exemplifies the true meaning behind the company’s trusted pest control credence.

The Assured Environments’ crew was preparing the apartment for an upcoming bed bug treatment when one of the technicians found the money stashed on the top shelf of a closet. The money was discovered along with watches, jewelry, and a lockbox. Without even knowing exactly how much money was in the envelopes, the crew turned in the findings without hesitation. When they found out the amount later, they couldn’t believe it.

The owner of the apartment had forgotten that she had hidden the money in her closet years ago. However, when the technician returned the money, she was ecstatic over the good-Samaritan-style deed. Assured Environments is not in the least surprised by the technicians’ honesty and integrity. As the tri-state area’s most trusted pest control solutions provider since 1934, our clients all rest assured that we are looking out for their best interest. Our servicemen’s willingness to return the money to the rightful owner is just one act that demonstrates the high standards our company upholds to serve the needs of our customers, and it is these kinds of acts that have made Assured Environments the most trusted pest solutions provider in the New York region.