As temperatures dip and shorter days force everyone to reluctantly head indoors, insect and rodent pests also begin searching frantically for protection against the impending wintry mix of cold, sleet and snow. Facility managers especially dislike this time of year because they know from experience they will engage in an all-out war with common winter “guests” like mice, stink bugs, box elder bugs and Asian lady beetles.

Recognizing Overwintering Pests That Overstay Their Welcome

Brown with white and black markings, less than an inch long and shaped like a shield, stink bugs emit a stale, lemony odor that is overwhelmingly offensive when their population reaches peak levels. Asian Lady beetles look like ladybugs and, like the stink bug, exude a foul odor in the form of a yellowish fluid that may stain. These beetles can also worsen asthma or cause allergic reactions. Black with red markings and a fondness for warmth, box elder bugs love to congregate in cracks and crevices and expel fecal matter that can stain fabric. Last but not least–mice! No need to describe these pests, right?

How to Put Up a “No Vacancy” Sign for Fall and Winter Pests

Due to their size and architectural properties, commercial establishments have a more difficult time keeping out these common cold weather pests. Although facility managers can inspect and re-inspect their building for open cracks, ill-fitting doors and other compromised areas through which pests find their way inside, it is nearly impossible to prevent mice, bugs and beetles from “squatting” in a commercial facility.

Before a pest or rodent infestation can occur or if you suspect one already exists in your facility, contact a professional pest management business like Assured Environments to evaluate conditions at your facility and recommend an integrated pest management plan to prevent fall and winter infestations from becoming a spring headache.