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Keep Mosquitoes from Bugging You at Work

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During summertime, it can feel like you just can’t get away from mosquitoes. They’re out when you’re jogging, they’re riding the subway with you, they’re even around every night to tuck you in. But while you’re working? Really?! The only people who should have to deal with mosquitoes every day at work are pest pros like us.

Mosquitoes become a common problem around workplaces in summer because workers often don’t take the proper preventative measures required to keep them out. It’s not their problem, after all, and they have other work to do! You can end this (literally) sucky cycle. Become the anti-mosquito champion of your office, and your co-workers will follow. You’ll drive those mosquitoes out yet! Here’s how:


fixing leak.jpg

Fix the Leaks

Moisture attracts mosquitoes like nothing else. The bloodsucking pests mate, hatch eggs, and nest in collections of standing water like condensation and puddles. They don’t need much, either--just a thin film of moisture in a tucked away place is enough for a multi-generational mosquito infestation.

If you have a significant mosquito problem in your workplace, check the office plumbing for leaks regularly. If some of your pipes or faucets leak, they could be providing an ideal nesting place for droves of mosquitoes. Make sure you look especially thoroughly in dark, damp, and hot parts of the building, such as under the kitchen sink or in the boiler room. Have any leaks you find repaired immediately, and consider replacing the pipes if they’re old.




Mosquitoes need moisture to live and reproduce, which is why they prefer damp and humid environments. High humidity attracts mosquitoes looking for places to nest and catch prey. Again, they don’t need much. If you have any rooms or areas in your office that feel hotter, damper, or more humid than the rest of the building, chances are that’s where your little “co-workers” are coming from.

Consider investing in a portable dehumidifier for your personal office or work area. If your area isn’t the problem, talk to a supervisor about getting a dehumidifier for your office. We’re not saying you have to go out and get the office dehumidifier yourself, but you could start your co-workers thinking about it. Humidity and moisture control are the most important ways to prevent mosquito infestation.


dishes in sink.jpg

Do the Dishes

Yeah, yeah, we know: you didn’t make those dishes. When you use an office dish, you always wash and replace it right away. It’s not your fault the kitchen sink is always full of disgusting food-encrusted dishes. If you do the dishes this time, you’ll be the dishwashing person, and your co-workers will never wash them!

This is bad news: mosquitoes are just as attracted to food and liquids in a kitchen sink as they are to any other standing water. In addition to all the other inconveniences presented by a disastrous kitchen, it also attracts mosquitoes like crazy. Remember: mosquitoes don’t actually eat blood exclusively; they’ll enjoy sugary liquids just fine, too. We know it isn’t fair, but if you want to reduce your mosquito problem, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves--literally.


TP donuts.jpg

Watch the Food

Cleaning the dishes in the kitchen sink is a great start. If your co-workers leave open or spilled soft drinks and half-eaten fruit lying around their desks or wastebaskets, however, all the dish scrubbing in the world won’t save you from itchy bites. Like most pests, mosquitoes look for simple sugars and liquids to feast on, and they come from all over to get them. In other words, those office doughnuts on the kitchen counter don’t just bring co-workers running.

Keep the food you bring into the office in a sealed plastic container. Don’t leave any food or remains out in the open over night, even if it’s in a wastebasket. Make sure someone cleans the fridge and microwave once every couple weeks. Have a designated person take the garbage out every night. Finally, not to be a spoilsport, but leaving treats out on countertops for hours is a really good way to bring mosquitoes around. If you can’t manage to eat six donuts in thirty minutes, try to at least keep treat boxes sealed.

It’s really easy to feel like your office’s problems aren’t your problems, but you’ve got to work there too. Someone has to do something about the mosquitoes, or everyone will suffer--and as tempting as the suffering of your more lazy coworkers may sound, that means you’ll suffer too.

Take the initiative and become the anti-mosquito your office needs, not the one they deserve. Your nagging may ruffle feathers at first, but when your co-workers realize they’re not spending hours itching themselves every day, they’ll thank you. Probably. If you find out you need more help than you thought, let us know and we’ll take care of the rest. Have a great, itch-free summer!

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