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What to Do About Pests That Love Humidity

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One thing that insects and human beings don't have in common: a love for humidity. People, in general, don't like their air thick with heat and water vapor. Most bugs, on the other hand, love it. Many insects even have a type of "sixth sense" for humidity. They use this “sixth sense” to seek out the moisture they need to live and thrive.

Obviously, that brings us to a problem: it’s very humid out this summer. All that humidity means we’re inundated with moisture-seeking pests of all kinds. Just because they’re here, however, doesn’t mean you have to give them what they want. Here are a few good ways to fight back against summer humidity and the insects that thrive in it.

Invest in a humidistat

A humidistat is like a thermostat, except it monitors humidity conditions inside your building instead of temperature. Humidity levels above 70% relative humidity are too high, because they draw in pests and lead to other problems like mold growth.

If you have a humidistat, you’ll be able to see when you the humidity in your building is higher than 70%. Then you’ll be able to do something about it as quickly and possible. A humidistat allows you to monitor vapor levels and keep your building comfortable and safe.

Update moisture treatment capabilities

First, figure out what tools are available for you for moisture control. Then, make sure those tools actually work as effectively as they should. When was the last time a professional serviced your building's sump pump? Do you have a whole building dehumidifying system? If you don’t, do you at least have individual units in problem areas like the basement?

Have you installed vapor barriers installed basement areas or crawl spaces? When was the last time you checked that your drainage systems are working correctly? A little maintenance will go a long way this summer.

Don’t give pests a way inside

We talked about decreasing your indoor humidity levels in the last two points, but now we’re looking outdoors. Increased outdoor humidity means more insects are scurrying about. The best way to keep those insects out is (not surprisingly) by making sure they can’t get inside.

Pay attention to the perimeter of your property by inspecting it regularly. Keep any organic waste away from outdoor walls. Repair cracks or holes you find as soon as you find them. The more thoroughly you exclude pests, the lower your risk of infestation.


Remember: If things go wrong despite your best efforts, there’s no need to worry. No matter how hot or humid it is, inside or out, the professionals at Assured Environments are only a phone call away. If pests come in, call us to get them out and keep them out.

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