Winter is the toughest season of the year comfort, safety and cost-wise. For facility managers, it also means juggling an already lean budget to purchase the services and products necessary to combat the detrimental effects of snow, ice, sleet and sub-zero temperatures have on the daily operations of their business. However, information garnered from the global research agency IBISWorld determined that by strategically investing in certain winter items, facility managers can help lower the cost of cold weather maintenance and keep expenditures within their facility budget.

1. Snow and ice surface removal treatments

Avoid the early winter price hikes on salt and ice melt by purchasing them well in advance of early winter. Bundling product purchases from suppliers who offer discounts can save your business even more on the high cost of winter.

2. Snow removal

Start shopping around in the summer for a dependable snow removal service. Sign a contract that prevents your cost of snow removal from dramatically increasing when your area is buried under several inches of snow.

3. HVAC maintenance services

Securing a contract that provides your facility with regular preventive/predictive maintenance will deter costly downtimes due to HVAC failures and also lock in a stable payment plan.

4. Consider investing in portable generators

For facility managers who operate businesses in areas prone to inclement weather, having portable generators as a back-up when electricity is down is almost essential for health and safety reasons. Generators that run on diesel fuel will last several days, if necessary.

5. Have your facility inspected for a pest infestation

Insects and rodents instinctively seek shelter and warmth as early as September–they know what’s coming! To prevent pests from taking up residence in your facility, Assured Environments has developed an Integrated Pest Management strategy specially designed for commercial and industrial facilities that employs effective techniques for preventing infestations from developing at any time of the year.

Preparing for winter does require more time and effort but Assured Environments is always there to help you avoid the stress and expense of pest infestations..