When you manage a facility, the things you have to juggle are almost endless. It’s a big job with big responsibilities. One of those responsibilities includes making sure pests stay away from your property. You also have to know what to do if they find their way in.

We’re here to help with both of those things. We’ve spoken to some of our commercial property management clients to determine their four biggest pest management pains. We’ve detailed how to handle these pains below.

1. Pests making nests in out of the way places.

If you have several properties to manage, or if your property is very large, keeping an eye on everything can feel nearly impossible. There may simply be too many nooks and crannies to even remember to check, much less to check regularly.

We have a solution: triage. Focus on the areas that are most likely to be the source of a pest problem. This includes dumpsters, trash chutes, receiving areas, storage rooms, break rooms or kitchens, and entryways. Hit those every time you conduct a pest inspection. Hit less vulnerable areas less frequently–but make sure you hit them nonetheless. Systematize your pest inspections to make them more efficient than ever.

2. Not knowing which pests are most likely to infest.

The appearance of any specific type of pest in your facility will depend on different factors. What it does, where it’s located, its age and condition, and the time of year all play a part. Do a little research into the pests most likely to be in your area. When you know what they are, you’ll be able to protect against them far more effectively.

Cockroaches frequently show up in places where a lot of shipments are received, because they’re hardy travelers. Bed bugs are more likely to show up if you process or store any variety of fabric or linens. Flies are abuzz for facilities that process organic materials. Rodents love anywhere spacious enough to hide in. Know your building and you’ll know it’s possible predators.

3. Birds and all the bird problems they bring with them.

Bird problems, am I right? Seriously, though, birds are a frequent and persistent burden to anyone that manages a large facility. Luckily, there are a wide variety of exclusions options out there for anyone that needs them.

Some common bird management solutions include netting, spikes, control wires, sonic dispersal devices, and even low-profile electric tracking. Professionals using tools like these can make your building inaccessible to birds, permanently.

If you’re a facility or property manager in need of a trusted pest control partner, look no further than Assured Environments. Call us today to talk about your needs and how we can meet them.