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Pest Control Solutions for Orange County, NY Businesses

Assured Environments is a commercial pest control and management company that provides comprehensive, customizable pest control solutions to all businesses in Orange County, NY. No matter your size, industry, or pest problem, if you’re looking for Newburgh pest control or Orange County, Assured Environments is the solution. Cities we serve include:

Pine Island
Port Jervis


24 Hour Commercial Pest Control Newburgh, NY and the Surrounding Area

Assured Environments maintains our customer service call center 24/7/365. Whenever you need pest control, call us and a real person will make sure you get help ASAP. We also offer 24/7/365 technical availability. No matter when you need help, call us right away at 800-670-7037.

Pest Control for Any Problem

Assured Environments offers a wide range of pest control solutions, both general and specialized. We can handle everything from emergency response to long-term preventative maintenance to targeted, one-off treatments. A few of the services we provide to businesses in Orange County, NY most frequently include:

Rodent Control

Rats and mice enter businesses through a few key access points. Unless you can seal these access points, you can’t effectively end a rodent infestation. While treating your current problem, Assured experts identify and seal off access points to prevent future infestations, too.

Bed Bug Detection and Elimination

Assured Environments’ K9 inspection team is the most successful anywhere in the New City tri-state area, finding bed bugs with 97% accuracy. First, our dogs find the bed bugs, and then our experts use heat remediation to wipe them out completely.

Fly Drain Treatment

Dirty drains and grease traps are a very attractive feeding and nesting site for pests and are often where larger infestations begin. Assured can clean out drains and grease traps and dispose of the waste they contain properly, so flies won’t find and breed in it again.

Bird Control

Pigeons and other pest birds are a health and building hazard when they nest or roost on your building. Assured can remove nests and install deterrents to safely and humanely drive birds away from your business. 

Netting Installation

Commercial-grade netting has a wide variety of applications inside and outside of pest management and safety. Assured’s can help you determine and install the best netting solution for your businesses’ unique needs.

And More! 



If you’re anywhere in Orange County and you have a pest problem, you can rest Assured we have the solution. All you have to do is call now!

Pest Control for Any Industry

Different industries require very different responses to pest problems--even if they have the same pest! Assured customizes each of our solutions to your particular industry to make sure you get the pest control that you really need. A few of the industries Assured frequently helps in Orange County, NY include:

Why Assured is the Best Commercial Pest Control for Orange County, NY

Assured Environments has provided customized, comprehensive commercial Orange County and Newburgh pest control services since 1934. Our experts are ready and waiting to respond to your call 24/7/365. No matter your business or pest problem, we will figure out the best pest control solution for you.

Assured isn’t just Orange County’s fastest choice, either. Assured’s customized, integrated approach allows us to identify and address the underlying reasons why your pest infestation happened, preventing it from happening again. The result is pest control that’s fast, customized, and lasting. That’s the Assured Difference.

If your business is anywhere in Orange County, New York and you have a pest problem, all you have to do is call Assured Environments. We’ll figure out the best way to solve your pest problem--any time and every time.

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