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Side Bar: K-9 Detection Teams at a Glance 

Detection Is The Key

Assured Environments is the leader in providing accurate K-9 detection services in the greater tristate area. Bed bugs are small, wingless insects, and can be found anywhere. They thrive in cracks and crevices. They hide in walls, light fixtures, phone jacks, and other receptacles, and are accidentally transported throughout personal belongings in practically any environment.

K-9 inspections are a unique service that can prove cost-effective by locating bed bugs before they become overwhelming infestations. This process can potentially reduce both the total treatment area and the cost of
treatment. Detection in early bed bug life stages is key to the war on this pest.

About K-9 Teams

K-9 inspectors are trained to sniff out live bed bugs and bed bug eggs with pinpoint accuracy. Our handlers and master trainers work with our dogs daily with live bed bugs. Each team is tested and certified twice annually to NPMA standards. 

Our teams also attend Assured’s K-9 Academy and complete intensive quality control audits. Each dog only has one handler, so the pair work and live closely together.  Each inspection is coordinated through our customer service scheduling department. Afterwards we prepare a comprehensive report documenting the results. 

With such keen olfactory senses, dogs are uniquely qualified to be able to detect the presence of bed bugs and their eggs. Our trained K-9 dogs can identify up to two parts per trillion, alerting their handlers to the presence of live bed bugs and their eggs. 

Why use a K-9?

Proven Methods: The nose is proven cutting edge technology and the most effective process for bed bud detection. It is the only inspection tool that can detect and pinpoint sources of bed bugs which are critical in determining a proper treatment and may lower potential costs. 

Effective Problem Solvers: Bed bug K-9’s can quickly and accurately inspect any property which gives both parties the feedback they need to quickly and effectively resolve a bed bug infestation. 

Greater Peace of Mind: If a properly trained K-9 doesn’t find bed bugs, you’ll have greater certainty that your property is safe from bed bugs. 

Benefits of K-9 Teams 

  • Accurate. Studies have proven that trained dogs offer 98% accuracy in detecting presence of bed bugs and their eggs. By comparison, humans are only 30-40% effective for this pest.

  • Fast. While traditional inspections may last hours at a time per room, a typical trained K-9 unit inspection may last 15 minutes or less per room.

  • Smart. K-9 inspections save time and money.  K-9 teams locate bed bugs at early stages of infestation, reducing the treatment area and the overall cost of treatment.

  • Decisive. Teams are perfect for use in healthcare facilities, residencies and corporate environments where the actual scope of a potential bed bug infestation is not known.

  • Analytical. Ideal for apartment buildings and homes. Our K-9 teams can determine which units and what areas are experiencing bed bug activity and which ones are free of bed bugs. 

Getting a K-9 Inspection for Bed Bugs? Here’s a checklist of things to do first:

  • Move furniture away from the wall to allow a more thorough inspection.

  • Strip the beds and any furniture covers or blankets.

  • Move storage containers of all sizes to allow better access by the K-9 teams.

  • Move any pets to an off-premises location or into the bathroom, with the door closed.

  • Turn off fans, blowers, heating and/or cooling units.

  • Be sure that any trash containers are empty.



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