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Fly Management & Drain Service

Turnkey Fly Management Solution 

Assured has years of experience in providing drain and grease-trap services in food and beverage preparation facilities. Our staff entomologists and certified dipterans* have devised additional products and services that offer comprehensive management and suppression of fly issues in these types of environments. This program effectively deals with fly infestations at all levels.

This turnkey solution’s proven effectiveness meets all regulatory standards and third party audits. The four-part program begins with a thorough inspection by one of our certified dipteran professionals. The result is a plan and frequency regimen leveraging various products, technologies and services.

  • Inspection.  Inspection process exposes potential breeding sites, access areas, and attractants.

  • Customized Report.  We prepare a customized, two-part report, based upon the observations and notes they have prepared, available to you digitally via the proprietary PesTelligent information network. The resulting report allows us to prepare a plan determining what we need to do, the frequency with which we need to do it, with additional sanitation tips.

  • Recommendations.  Our plan recommends mechanical controls (e.g., insect light traps, or ILTs), chemical controls and an on-going monitoring and maintenance program. 

            * Dipterans: Specialists in two-winged insects or flies

First Service 

During the first service we provide a detailed drain cleaning, grease trap service, and install insect light traps.  We also train your staff in proper mopping techniques. We may introduce other monitoring controls, and help in completing any outstanding regulatory requirements

  • Establish Base Line.  We determine a base line “clean” before we initiate a fly attenuation program.

  • Drain Cleaning.  Should conditions require it, we implement a comprehensive drain cleaning program, using Assured’s AE9002 Microbe-Cleaning solution.

  • Grease Trap Service.  If the facility manager requests this optional program, we begin a very thorough cleaning of all grease traps, applying Assured’s AE9002 Microbe-Cleaning solution.

  • Installation of Devices.  As part of our comprehensive treatment program, we will advise you on whether or not your facility would benefit from the installation ofinsect light traps (ILTs) or other devices. 

Recurring Service Visits 

We provide drain service, utilizing AE-9002 Microbe Foam, (at a regularly scheduled frequency and duration) to address breeding areas, delivering it into all the drains.

AE 9002 Microbe-Foam is a bioremediation foam, containing beneficial biological organisms, to help remove organic debris and contaminants, thus minimizing live breeding sites and food sources.

During subsequent service visits, we also service the mechanical devices (light and insect traps). 

Assured Technicians Return to Your Facility

  • Schedule.  Regularly scheduled service for the application of AE9002 Microbe-Foam to all drains is part of a comprehensive fly management protocol.

  • Timing & Monitoring.  We monitor and track the results of the service schedule, and make adjustments as needed.

  • Results.  You should expect a cleaner kitchen, higher regulatory scores, a stronger reputation, better morale, and an overall improvement in staff enthusiasm. 

Interim Staff -Initiated Activities 

  • Interim Maintenance.  In between scheduled maintenance service calls, your staff can regularly apply Assured’s AE9002 Microbe-Foam and AE9002 Microbe-Cleaner.

  • Mopping. Assured’s technicians will also train your staff in effective mopping techniques, which can optimize the benefits of cleaning and foaming products. 

AE9002 Microbe-Foam and Cleaner 

  • Dissolves Organic Residue. AE9002 Microbe-Cleaner attacks residue in drains where fruit and drain flies breed.

  • Dissolves Grease. AE9002 Microbe-Cleaner dissolves greasy buildup around floor drains, minimizing slippery surfaces.

  • Invades Cracks. AE9002 Microbe-Cleaner penetrates the smallest cracks and openings in flooring.

  • Uses Natural Enzymes. AE9002 uses naturally-occurring enzymes and beneficial bacteria that safely dissolves greasy buildup, a green solution to critical food safety issues.

  • Saves Space. AE9002 Microbe-Cleaner Saves storage; just mix one ounce per gallon of water.

  • Controls Odors. AE9002 Microbe-Cleaner helps controls odors that emanate from garbage disposals, refuse cans, etc.

  • Minimizes Fly Growth. AE9002 Microbe-Foam, when used by your staff, helps minimize additional fly damage.           


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