3 Reasons Bird Control is Essential for Property Owners

Few people categorize birds in with pests like insects or rats, but they can cause just as much trouble as their exoskeleton-y and furry counterparts. Proactive bird control and bird management can save your business time and money. It can also help you maintain better safety regulations for customers and employees alike.

Check out these three reasons why being aware of bird control best practices is essential for all property owners.


Birds as well as their droppings and nesting materials are known to carry more than 60 diseases that can be passed onto humans and animals; some are even fatal. The droppings help to spread disease when fecal dust enters living areas or when someone enters a contaminated space and begins to breathe the fungal spores.

Those who are very young, the elderly and anyone with a compromised immune system are especially at risk. Pets can also be affected. A rooftop air-conditioning unit and/or a ventilation system can even pump out dried bird feces throughout the building if the birds are nesting near them.


Bird droppings are corrosive and can potentially result in irreversible damage. When the droppings turn to salt and ammonia it causes an electrochemical reaction that speeds up the rusting process, eating away at paint, metal and even concrete. Vehicles, pathways, walls and other expensive equipment may be destroyed. If not addressed quickly they can even result in structural failure.

Birds have been known to bring down power lines, get entangled in wire or machinery and interfere in many other ways, some of which can cause a fire.

The nesting materials and droppings of birds can also clog drains and gutters, eventually leading to flooding or blockage during a storm.

Injury and liability

If someone is injured after slipping on bird droppings on your property, it can cost millions. The droppings are not only unsanitary but they can cause a walking surface to become very slippery. Improper sanitation can result in pollution from the droppings contaminating food as well.

Business owners who don’t enact proper bird control and bird management can also end up with huge fines or can even be shut down by health boards and government organizations like OSHA or the USDA. To stay ahead of these risks, get in touch with the team at Assured Environments to start working on a custom bird prevention plan for your business today.