A lot can go wrong during the holiday season. Maybe Christmas gifts won’t ship when they’re supposed to. Maybe your Thanksgiving turkey got overcooked. While we can’t help with the post office or your family cooking, we can help you prevent anything pest-related from going wrong around work.

Here are a few of our best tips for avoiding pest problems this holiday season. Follow these tips, and you can spend the work days leading up to the holidays coasting instead of worrying.


Watch the boxes

Boxes and bags have a way of piling up in the office during the holiday season. Decorations, Secret Santa presents, client gifts, big, puffy coats, and, of course, the food, food food…

Any time lots of new stuff moves in and out of your business, there’s a chance pests will come with it. Fleas, bed bugs, and more all commonly hitchhike into buildings by hiding on moving packages. Make sure your co-workers carefully inspect the stuff they’re bringing in before their would-be gift ends up serving as some pest’s festive trojan horse.

Store your decorations properly

When it comes time to put the holiday decorations back in storage for the year, we recommend investing in sturdy, hard plastic containers. Storage areas like basements and attics tend most common places for pests to make their home. Having that extra level of protection (plastic they can’t chew in or out of) can give you extra peace of mind.

Skip the potpourri

Setting festive potpourri out is an easy way to decorate keep your office smelling fresh at the same time. Most potpourri contains things like dried fruit and flowers, however, both of which are very appealing to potential pests.

You have two options to keep the bugs out: try a fresher approach by boiling a pot of water with lemons and cinnamon to infuse a fresh scent, or set a new package of potpourri into your freezer for a few days before opening it to kill any bugs within so they don’t spread.

Double check any natural decor

Christmas trees, natural wreaths, and garlands can all contain pests you don’t want inside your office. Double check anything you pick up before bringing it inside.

Watch the food

The holiday season is all about food. There’s turkey, ham, cookies, pies, potatoes, salads, stuffing, and everything else. A surplus of food can lead to some potentially problematic food fiascos.

Pests love food, especially the sweet kind, so keep them out by staying on top of disposal. Don’t let garbage pile up, don’t leave any food sitting out, and don’t leave un-rinsed dishes in your sink. Ask your co-workers to not leave beverages or plates sitting around and you can help to lower the chance of unsightly visitors.


If, despite your best efforts, some creepy creatures still get into your office this holiday season, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Assured Environments. We’ll get you back on track before the New Year.