Managing pest infestations can be an ongoing, serious problem in food manufacturing facilities simply because of the nature of the facility, i.e., the processing of raw foods, ensuring that employees adhere to strict cleanliness practices and preventing packaging materials from becoming contaminated with pathogens. Exterior and interior environmental conditions make all types of food packaging plants vulnerable to pest invasions, especially those involving drain flies–food odors, bright lighting fixtures (inside and out), the expanse of the facility that harbors limitless hiding places for rodents and insects.

Drain Flies in Food Facilities

Although drain flies are not known to innately carry diseases, they can transmit food-borne diseases to humans because of their propensity to cluster around wet, unsanitary conditions. Also called moth flies, drain flies are tiny, blackish insects covered with small hairs. The way they hold their large wings (“roof-like”) over their bodies makes them resemble miniature moths. Drain flies are poor fliers and seem to hop instead of fly when active.

Feeding voraciously on algae, fungi and bacteria, drain flies live around septic tank lines, drains, toilets, A/C roof units and anywhere else where slime can develop from standing water that is not cleaned properly. Drain flies are also as tenacious as cockroaches. If they cannot access a food source, they will resort to cannibalism. Moreover, drain fly larvae can survive extreme temperatures as well as low oxygen habitats, making them even more difficult to eradicate.

What the FSMA Means to Food Facilities–3 Main Points

The Food Safety Modernization Act means business. Not only does the FDA possess all-inclusive authority concerning whether a food facility can continue operating but it now mandates that food facility leaders continuously evaluate hazards or risk of hazards surrounding the entirety of their operations. Additionally, the level of sanitation expected of all food manufacturing plants is being increased due to the staggering statistic that one out of six Americans suffered a food contamination illness in 2013.

Commercial Pest Control Treatments for Drain Flies

Bleach, drain cleaners and boiling water will not eliminate a drain fly infestation, since these products do not dissolve industrial slime and sludge. New York and New Jersey fly drain treatment specialists Assured Environments use specially formulated drain fly cleaning solutions that thoroughly remove slime, algae and other organic debris while killing all existing flies with safe and effective pesticides.