Termites are major wood-destroying structural pests that cause billions of dollars in damage each year to restaurants, hospitals, food manufacturing facilities, schools and hotels.Termites can establish colonies containing as many as two million workers and are infamous for remaining undetected for years before anyone notices signs of a termite infestation–most notably the appearance of winged adult termites called swarmers searching for new places to establish their own colony.

Termites Do Not Hibernate!

Termites do not care if your car is buried under five feet of snow or if temperatures plummet below zero–they will still continue burrowing, chewing, reproducing and destroying your building’s infrastructure. Although they are sensitive to temperature and moisture changes, the cold of winter only increases their instinctual urge to find warm, moist dark places in which to live and breed. They typically enter buildings by tunneling through loose soil so the short time before frigid temperatures arrive and freeze the soil is the time when termites are most zealous about tunneling into your building.

Signs of Termite Infestation are Hard to See

Unlike most pests that like to forage outside their nests for food, termites don’t need to leave their nests because all the food they need is right there in front of them–your building’s infrastructure! In addition, termites are a neutral color (sort of brownish-white) that blends in well their surroundings. Unless you are an expert termite inspector, you’ll probably miss signs of termite infestation such as discarded (transparent) wings, frass (their wood-colored feces) and tiny mud tubes they build on hidden floor joists and foundation walls.

Winter Termite Inspections

You may be shivering right now but the termite colony residing in your building is having a grand time enjoying the warmth, darkness and unending source of food with which your building is providing them. Put an end to their wintertime festivities by calling Assured Environments today and having your building professionally inspected for a termite infestation.