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24 Hr Pest Control for Manufacturing Companies

Companies in the manufacturing and logistics sector can’t risk a pest problem. The integrity of your products and the safety of your facility depend on a clean and compliant environment that is free from pest activity. Assured Environments provides dependable and effective pest control and prevention to ensure that your operations continue uninterrupted and that your pest issues don’t recur.

If you’re the facility manager of a manufacturing or logistics company in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut looking for fast and discreet solutions to your pest problem, call Assured Environments now.

Factory map showing different areas of pest infestation.

Manufacturing and Logistics Pest Control Services We Provide:

A mouse looking to the side.

Rodent Control

Rats and mice are common intruders in factories and logistics facilities. They squeeze through tiny entry points and can destroy expensive equipment with their relentless need to chew. Assured Environments can identify where rodents are getting in and where they’re hiding to effectively eliminate your infestation.

A pigeon on a white background.

Bird Control and Management

Birds enter through open doors and loading docks. Once inside, they can disrupt operations, cause damage and spread pathogens. They are especially detrimental in food manufacturing plants where they could contaminate ingredients and products. Your Assured technicians will implement a bird control plan that keeps birds safely outside.

Trash Chute Cleaning 

Trash chutes are active breeding grounds for pests. Rodents or insects like flies and  cockroaches thrive in dark, secluded areas where food is prevalent. Reduce odors, kill bacteria and effectively eliminate pests with a dedicated chute cleaning program. 


A cockroach on a white background.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of once they get a foothold. Don’t waste time and energy with ineffective over-the-counter traps. Call Assured for an integrated pest management (IPM) program that locates and eliminates cockroaches throughout your property.

A fly on a white background.

Fly Management and Drain Cleaning 

Flies and fly larvae of all types are attracted to the moisture and food residue often found in unmaintained drains. Left untreated, infested drains become breeding vectors for flies which, in turn, can spread disease and bacteria throughout your facility. A fly management program from Assured prevents these insects from establishing a presence or causing harm.

Closeup of a black ant on a white background.

Ant Control

Ants  create pathways to sweet food sources and increase numbers rapidly. In factories, ants can contaminate food products and become a nuisance. An ant control program identifies ant nests and prevents future infestation.

A Webbing Clothes Moth on a white background.

Stored Product Pests

Pests like moths, weevils and beetles are frequent factory invaders. They can contaminate dried food products and spread food-borne illnesses. Keep these pests out of your products with a dedicated pest control program.

The Assured Difference: Pest Control That Manufacturers Can Trust 

Integrated Pest Management That Works

Assured Environments is New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut’s oldest and most dependable commercial pest control company. When you work with the Assured Environments team, you get an integrated pest management strategy customized to your specific business and problem. Our approach includes identification, elimination and prevention, freeing you to focus on managing your company and not pests.

Programs to Match Your Industry

We provide comprehensive programs that meet local and federal regulations including:

  • Food manufacturing pest control
  • Industrial pest control
  • Logistics pest control

We help you maintain a clean, safe, compliant and pest-free environment to protect your reputation and your production schedule. 

Comprehensive Communication and Reporting

With Assured, you receive detailed project documentation, collected through our technicians’ hand-held technology. All current and historical project data is easily accessible through our web-based customer portal. We provide 24/7 accessibility through our in-house call center and can escalate any emergency within our internal structural protocols.

Cities and Areas We Serve Include

Manhattan Newburgh
Cranford Putnam
Long Island Dutchess County
Westchester Poughkeepsie
Queens Nanuet
Brooklyn Suffern
Bronx Essex County
Staten Island Jersey City
Middlesex Stamford, CT
Union, NJ West Milford, NJ

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Frequently Asked Pest Control Program Questions for Manufacturers

How does pest control in a manufacturing or logistics setting differ from residential services?

Factories, manufacturing facilities and supply centers face issues with contamination and disruption. They also need to comply with strict regulations. Pest removal and prevention on these properties requires an approach that delivers fast results while addressing these concerns.

What are common pests found in manufacturing and logistics facilities, and how can they impact operations?

Rats, mice, cockroaches, flies and birds are the most common pests we treat in manufacturing facilities. Most of these pests carry disease or bacteria and can contaminate food items or make employees sick. Rats and mice can chew wires, bore holes and damage expensive equipment.

How often should pest control inspections be conducted in manufacturing and logistics facilities?

Regular inspections paired with periodic pest management treatments will ensure that your plant remains free of pest problems. Train your employees to identify the signs of pest activity and have a procedure in place for reporting any findings.

What are the signs that my manufacturing or logistics facility might have a pest infestation?

Signs of pests to watch for include: animal, insect or bird droppings, nests, insect eggs or casings, chewed electrical wires, holes in walls, scratching or squeaking sounds and strange odors.

What long-term pest prevention strategies does Assured Environments recommend for manufacturing and logistics facilities?

Because we follow an integrated pest management framework, we’ll continue to monitor entry points and areas where pest activity has occurred. We’ll advise you on how to keep entries sealed and how to remove food and other incentives that draw pests. Our treatment plans include long-term strategies for businesses looking to remain pest-free.

What are the qualifications of Assured Environments’ pest control professionals?

All of our technicians are licensed and continue their education in the classroom and in the field. Our on-site entomologists ensure that we follow a science-based approach to resolving your pest problem.