New York's Bed Bugs, By the Numbers

For some time, New York has had a bed bug problem. Until recently, we’ve consistently ranked in the top 10 cities for infestations.  The good news is that we’re showing a definite decline. In fact, it appears that a silver lining of the pandemic is that less travel has meant less bed bugs in NYC.

At Assured Environments, we’re not about to become complacent. Bed bugs spread quickly and are among the most difficult pests to eradicate. If you see or suspect bed bugs, contact Assured Environments for a complete assessment of your situation along with an aggressive treatment plan. If all New Yorkers stay vigilant, we can see New York’s bed bug numbers continue to drop.

Here are the bed bug statistics all New Yorkers should know. We found out how New York bed bugs compare to other cities and which boroughs are most infested. We even tracked how far bed bugs travel at night to find you and how much of your blood they’ll drink.

If you’ve wanted to know how many bed bug eggs a female can lay and how long it takes them to become full grown crawling adults, read on. This infographic reveals it all – this is “New York’s Bed Bugs by the Number:”