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Why Healthcare Facilities Suffer Cockroach Infestations

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What do you think of when you imagine filthy, food-encrusted counters, what looks like black pepper laying all over everything and sticky floors crawling with greasy-looking, dirt-brown insects?

Roaches, of course!

Probably one of the most despised insects on earth, the cockroach may also be the hardiest of all the six-legged arthropods because of its tough exoskeleton, ability to survive without eating for several weeks (they eat nutritional bacteria that grow on their bodies) and evolved resistance to pesticides. In addition, did you know that once a female cockroach mates with a male cockroach, she essentially remains pregnant without needing to mate again--for the rest of her life!

As NYC pest control experts Assured Environments explains the tenacity of cockroaches: "If it's organic, roaches will eat it". Although these fast-moving pests prefer human food and garbage, they will eat glue, paint, soap, paper products and anything else they can take a bite from, chew into a pulp and digest. Because roaches are such opportunistic scavengers, even the cleanest environments; hospitals, restaurants and schools--can suffer a severe roach infestation after only one pregnant roach starts laying eggs in an enclosed area. They tend to love a dirty trash chute and will happily make it their home and breeding ground.

Get Rid of Cockroaches ASAP.

Cockroaches don't harbor diseases but they passively carry loads of germs that stick to their bodies and feet. Constant shedding of their exoskeleton has also been associated with causing serious allergy and asthma attacks when a protein found in their skin called tropomyosin triggers an immune response in allergen-sensitive people.

Forget about homemade roach deterrents you've heard about from your old Aunt Millie--like putting orange peels around the perimeter of your home or sprinkling boric acid on countertops at night. They won't work. And do you know why they won't work? Because roaches EAT that stuff!

Ultrasonic devices that emit sound waves we can't hear but are supposed to irritate roaches are useless as well. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission performed extensive research on these devices and determined there was no scientific evidence to support the claim that they will eliminate roach or any other insect infestation.

Don't give roaches the time they need to invade, conquer and destroy your facility or business by trying to remove them with ineffective, over the counter pesticides or ultrasonic device scams. Call a professional NYC pest control company today to efficiently expunge your cockroach roach infestation and create a comprehensive pest management plan.

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