For whatever reason, summer sort of sneaks up on you. One minute it’s dreary and raining, and the next we’re enjoying actual good weather! It’s easy to get blindsided by the heat and forget to make a few important preparations. Just like every other season, however, different weather means different considerations and–of course–different pests.

You probably want to open up your workplace and start enjoying the sun as soon as possible, but it’s important to keep a few pest-prevention strategies in mind when you do. We know it sounds like a pain now, but little chores like these could be the difference between enjoying a nice summer breeze from your desk and slapping away an army of mosquitoes. Which sounds worse. Here’s how to get ready to deny pests this summer.


office plant.jpg

Take Care of Office Plants

We’ve mentioned the oft-neglected office plant before, but it’s especially important to care for them in the summer. Decomposing plants attract all kinds of gross pests who will see it as a feast. Even worse, they may take up permanent residence and lay eggs in or around it. Pest infestations are never fun, but multi-generational infestations can quickly spiral into a serious problem.

Here’s the thing about summer: it’s hot and sunny! Office plants need more water and general care in summer than they might in the spring or fall. Water the plants around the office at least once a day. Consider re-potting them in fresh soil if you haven’t yet this year. Keep an eye on your little room-brightener, and you won’t have to worry about it becoming a wretched hive of scum and villainy.



Replace Old Screens

It feels great to throw open the office windows after a long and stuffy winter, but it’s also probably why you’ve got flies buzzing around your desk right now. Yeah, we know, we’re a buzzkill (get it? Because we’re a pest control company? We literally kill the buzz!).

Window screens can get pretty torn up by wind and weather, and you’d be amazed at how little space pests need to get into a building. Even a small tear in the corner of a screen could be more than enough. When you’re either opening your windows for the season or putting the screens in, check them thoroughly for damage. If you find any, don’t take the chance. Screens are easy to replace, but pests can be hard to get rid of.



Watch for Condensation

Your building’s AC unit moves a lot of cool air. To do that, it has to work with a lot of moisture. On humid days, the difference in temperature and humidity between your office and the outdoors could make your windows or appliances “sweat” condensation. Condensation attracts pests like any other water. Opportunistic scavengers will take whatever they can get.  

A good way to keep pests from flocking to condensation is simply to wipe it away when you see it. If humidity becomes a real problem in the office, you could invest in a dehumidifier. Look into why your space is humid and whether you can do anything about it. Humidity can often be the harbinger of bigger maintenance problems like mold, so don’t wait on checking it out.



Close It Up at Night

The majority of pests, including most of the ones you really don’t want, tend to be most active at night. If they can find a people-free place for them to crash for a night and maybe even for a little longer (indefinitely), they’ll drop everything to head there. Pests are just deadbeats like that.

If you’re the last one in the office, add the windows and inner doors to your office shut-down checklist. If you want to be really proactive, you could take the garbage and recycling out, too. Making your office a anti-pest fortress while the workers are away might just be the #1 way to prevent business pest infestations, especially during the summer.


While it’s true that pests tend to be most active during the summer, we hope we’ve demonstrated that taking preventative measures against them is just as straightforward as ever. With a little discipline, you can safeguard your workspace and make sure it stays pleasant for you and your co-workers.

Summer should be fun and relaxing, not annoying. If you have a pest problem you’d like dealt with, give Assured a call today. Hang in there, beautiful days are on their way!