Pests aren’t a problem limited to the homeowner; these pesky creatures including cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs and others, will move into a variety of commercial and public buildings such as schools, hospitals, churches, eating establishments and anywhere else they decide to call home.

If pests invade your business or other entity, financial devastation can occur if the problem is not taken care of quickly. With a commercial pest management strategy in place you can prevent many pest issues from arising in the first place, avoiding possible damage to the structure, hurting the reputation of the business and risking the safety and health of employees, customers and anyone else who spends time there.

Customized plan to prevent pest problems

Being proactive by setting up a commercial pest management plan to prevent pests from entering your structure can save your business thousands. Battling a rat or mice problem after it’s begun is likely to cost far more than the price of averting it in the first place – not to mention what will happen if a customer catches a mouse scurrying around the corner or notices droppings in your establishment.

By contacting the experts at Assured Environments, highly trained technicians will complete an environmental assessment based on a detailed evaluation of your facility and design a program specific to your needs. Some of the factors that are taken into account include structural integrity, environmental pest pressures and the potential for pest activity. These experts will then design a custom service plan and install equipment and tools that will ensure your facility remains pest free.

Continuous service

Assured Environments won’t disappear after setting up your service plan. Establishing a relationship with our commercial pest management company allows for regular inspections that will ensure there are no pests taking refuge in your walls or floorboards.

If a pest emergency arises, it will be dealt with immediately with technicians who are already familiar with your structure to avoid any damage to your business reputation.

By choosing Assured Environments, you’ll be working with a trustworthy, reputable commercial pest management company dedicated to making sure your facility receives the maximum level of protection against most any type of pest infestation.