Nasty bed bugs have invaded New York City; taking over everything from upscale apartments and condos to high-end hotels and even theaters across the Big Apple. The situation has become so out of hand that they’re a hot topic among city officials.

Why is New York City being invaded by bed bugs?

New York City isn’t the only city in the nation experience a bed bug invasion – across the country many regions are experiencing frustrating bed bug issues. As they are so easily spread through clothing and luggage as well as by purchasing used furniture, a minor problem can quickly become an almost overwhelming challenge.

Imagine a person who has been living or spending time in an area that was infested by bed bugs.  She or he goes on a trip and stays in a hotel for a night or two- that guest has likely brought those bed bugs along with their luggage and belongings – causing an infestation that can spread throughout the establishment. Just casually tossing a coat down at the theater can cause yet another bed bug problem.

NYC bed bugs are not a different species of bed bugs but with so many people living in this compact area, it’s easy to see how quickly they can spread.

How to get rid of the nasty critters?

No matter where you happen to live in the city, the first step to getting rid of NYC bed bugs is to call the professionals at Assured Environments. A professional will be able to inspect and determine if you have bed bugs as well as the extent of the infestation.

Bed bug infestations have skyrocketed since 2006, and while there are many theories, nothing concrete has been found to explain this rise in their population.  The best thing you can do is to contact Assured Environments at the first sign of NYC bed bugs to stop the problem from becoming worse in your home.