Why Are There Still Roaches in My Office?

Working in an office is a singular experience. There’s the endless pots of coffee, the constant clacking of keyboards, and the cockroach that sits two cubicles down. Wait, what? That’s not right. That cockroach was fired months ago. Why is he still here?

Whether you like it or not, sometimes best efforts to prevent pest problems don’t work. This is especially true when it comes to cockroaches because of their resilient nature. Have you made an initial effort to keep cockroaches out of your office? Did it not quite work the way you wanted? Don’t worry—in today’s post we’ll cover everything you need to know. That includes why you still have a roach problem and what you can do now to finally get your office to yourself.

Why are there still roaches in my office?

There are still roaches in your office because somebody didn’t listen. If you’ve had roach problems before and they’re persisting, it’s because they still have access to food, shelter, and water that they need. This is likely because someone ignored your previous attempts at teaching positive pest prevention techniques. If this is the case, you’ll have to remind everyone. This time, more thoroughly, with special attention paid to both the dangers and cost of an infestation.

What can I do to remove an existing roach problem?

If you’re worried about roaches still being in your office, it means you’ve already tried removing them. It means that the last time you decided not to call in a professional pest control company. Don’t make the same mistake this time around. The only thing you should do at this point is call the pros. They’ll have the tools, technique, and experience to remove your problem. They can also help you implement practices that will prevent future infestations.

What cockroach prevention techniques should my coworkers be aware of?

Cockroaches don’t make their way into an office without help from someone. Even if you’ve already made an effort to teach your employees or coworkers about cockroach prevention, you’ll need to do it again. Make sure to drive home these important roach prevention tips:

  • Rinse out your coffee mugs. And your plates, bowls, and silverware. Don’t leave food waste anywhere… and that includes in the sink.
  • Don’t leave food on your desk. Pests need food. Cockroaches are no exception. While their favorite meals are of the rotting vegetation variety, they’ll take anything they can get. Especially if it’s really easy to access. It might seem efficient to keep a box of granola bars at your desk, but all that does is invite pests to travel around the office more openly. Keep food in the kitchen where your cleaning schedule is more properly followed. You’ll be able to better contain any problems that might occur.
  • Take out the garbage regularly. Cockroaches love trash. In an office setting, it can become easy for everyone to assume someone else is in charge of taking out the garbage. Implement a schedule for taking out the trash and other cleanliness chores. Offer incentives for those who pick up the slack. After a little while, it will become ingrained as a habit and your entire office will benefit as a result.

If you don’t want roaches in your next staff meeting, keep this post in mind. Email it to your boss, coworkers, and friends. Print it out and hang it in the elevator. Make sure everyone knows how to keep pests out of the office. If your best efforts still don’t work, all you have to do is give Assured Environments a call.