World’s Largest Rodent Fosters Puppies: Will They Turn Out to be a New Generation of Detectives?

While few people consider rodents to be adorable, there is no doubt that many have fallen love with “Cheesecake,” a capybara and the world’s largest rodent who adopted a litter of abandoned Dachshund puppies.

The tiny pups had been stuffed into a closed plastic bin and dumped behind a church in Arkansas. Fortunately, the puppies were discovered before they had suffocated and died and were given to the Rocky Ridge Refuge, a non-profit animal rescue facility in Midway, Arkansas.

The capybara took the little guys in like her own, despite the fact that she’s basically a massively sized guinea pig as animals don’t see those differences like humans do. Not only were these Dachshunds lucky but the world is a better place for them being in it. Dogs are not only one of the best companions, offering unconditional love to people, but they often hold important jobs.

A dog’s many jobs

You’ve probably heard about drug-sniffing dogs, arson dogs, dogs that assist the deaf and blind and others, but did you know that canines are also used for bed bug dog detection? Man’s best friend is also his best ally for eradicating the pesky creatures known as bed bugs.

Bed bugs are not just annoying they can be one of the worst nightmares when it comes to pest infestations. Just hearing the word can cause many to itch, and they’ve become a huge problem throughout the world. Traditional bed bug detection methods are often extremely time-consuming as well as labor intensive.

Why using canines for bed bug detection is so useful

Bed bug dog detection is much quicker as the expertly trained dogs are able to consistently find bed bugs with a much better accuracy rate than humans. Canines can detect them with an amazing accuracy rate of about 98% whereas the accuracy rate for humans is only about 30%. Dogs are able to find them in all stages of development as well, from egg hatch to adult.

Bed bug dog detection is also more cost effective as the process is quicker and more accurate, which can make a big difference in larger buildings that may be infested such as hotels or resorts. These incredible dogs are trained by expert handlers to the same standards that are used in law enforcement, making them one of the best detectives around.