For those who don’t read PCT Magazine, Assured Environments was listed as #21 on the list of the top 100 pest control companies in the United States. This is the fifth straight year that Assured Environments has participated and been listed within the top 100 best pest control companies, and the second consecutive time listed within the top 25.

“All of us at Assured are very excited for the honor and feel a sense of validation for all of the hard work and effort we give each and every day,” says Barry Beck, Assured Environments Chief Operating Officer and employee for 19 years. “I’ve been [working] here for a long time and Assured has received this accolade for several years. But the recognition we receive each year with this award is always special. Assured Environments continues to be listed as one of the best pest control companies because we provide excellent service and effective solutions, year in and year out.”

This is the 10th anniversary from the first time PCT Magazine offered such a list. While the editor of this magazine, Jodi Dorsch, urges all to “take this list with a grain of salt. They’re just numbers,” she also reminds everyone that “they sure are interesting…”

We couldn’t agree more.

“It is understood that this recognition comes without any actual vote, but numbers say a lot. Numbers explain quantity of work done. Quantity reflects the number of satisfied customers. And consistency of maintaining such a position – on a regional level no less – is certainty of continued excellence and quality solutions. We are very happy to be recognized as one of the best pest control companies in the US,” says Director of Marketing Evan Rosenblum.

The last point is even more telling when a closer look at the list is taken. Assured Environments may be listed at the 21st spot, but several of the preceding companies on this list are nationwide companies. Although Assured Environments is the largest and one of the best pest control and solutions providers in the New York region, services are confined mainly to New York and New Jersey locations.

Summer is here and the bugs are coming out. Why settle for mediocre?

Use the list. Get Assured.