Your building and the people inside it are your livelihood. The organization you hire to come in and maintain your facility matters a great deal. You want dependability, expertise and people who excel at what they do. When it comes to professional pest management solutions, look no further than the experts at Assured Environments.

Assured Environments’ core mission is to help their customers achieve a pest free environment, giving their customers one less thing to worry about when it comes to building maintenance. Hospitals, universities, food processors, hotels and commercial office buildings are just a few of the different types of facilities Assured Environments specializes in.

Every single one of Assured’s technicians and staff goes through a formal and continuous education. Whether it be taking courses online, in the classroom or hands-on in the field, Assured Environments is always learning. They also complete customer service and safety training as well as Pest Identification and custom protocol certification using the latest technology. This allows them to distribute information directly to the customer.

In addition to fully trained exterminators, Assured Environments also has full-time entomologists who have expert knowledge on rodent and insect living and breeding habits. The teams at Assured work closely with industry experts to help advance and improve the practice of pest management.

Assured Environments has been in the pest control business since 1934, providing complete solutions to businesses and industries throughout in the Tri-State area. They offer IPM service that meets GreenShield and LEED certifications while delivering powerful results. They guarantee their services and meet the highest quality standards in commercial pest management.

Protecting your facility from severe rodent and insect infestations by professional pest experts can save you from detrimental consequences like health concerns, fines, monetary loss, and reputation damage. Call the experts at Assured Environments today!