The more the merrier...

Who hasn’t heard or used this proverb at least a hundred times in their life? Although we can’t attribute this saying to anyone in particular (many think Shakespeare wrote it–he didn’t), whoever woke up in the middle of the night and exclaimed, “the more the merrier”! had no idea how applicable it would be to 21st century research findings that have found…bed bugs grow faster when they are surrounded by a lot of other bed bugs.

Power in Numbers

According to a study published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, grasshoppers, cockroaches and crickets also develop at an accelerated pace when they have an exorbitant number of neighbors. Moreover, bed bug nymphs (young bed bugs) allowed to mature within a large population of adult bed bugs developed nearly two and a half days faster than nymphs kept isolated from other bed bugs. This study also concluded that it doesn’t matter if just-hatched bed bugs mingle with older or younger bed bugs–as long as they are coddled by other bed bugs, they’ll mature twice as fast as their peers living in smaller bed bug infestations.

What This Means for Facility and Home Owners

It simply means this–taking preventative measures to ensure not one bed bug has infiltrated your facility not only averts a potentially disastrous infestation but can also stop uncontrollable bed bug growth. Incredibly hardy, adult bed bugs are capable of living and reproducing several months without drinking one drop of blood. Once inside a facility, bed bugs spread rapidly via any route imaginable–clothing, vacuum cleaners, luggage, backpacks, you name it. Next to the mighty cockroach, bed bugs are likely to be one of the few survivors of a nuclear fallout or other catastrophe that decimates the human population.

Let Assured Environments Provide Group Therapy for Your Bed Bug Problem

Assured Environments has the professional knowledge, experience and tools necessary to reduce a burgeoning bed bug infestation to zero growth. In addition, we also provide Integrated Pest Management services to help prevent a bed bug infestation or detect the presence of even one or two bed bugs in your facility.

Start giving bed bugs the kind of “group therapy” they need–call Assured Environments today.