If your building is only certified to hold a certain number of bodies, you’re probably way over that limit right now and aren’t even aware of it.

Last September, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicted that most of the U.S. (especially the East coast) would experience above average amounts of rain, snow and ice this winter. Boy, were they right on the money!

As a result of frigid temperatures and excessive snowfall stressing out NYC/NJ area residents and their buildings over the last four months, the National Pest Management Association is strongly urging facility managers and homeowners to remain extra vigilant for evidence of damage to their buildings caused by severe winter weather. Even the smallest compromise in your building is enough to make rodents jump for joy at finding such easy access into a resource-rich shelter.

According to NPMA’s Vice President of Public Affairs Missy Henriksen: “Pest infestations are unpleasant side effects of winter weather that most people don’t consider until it’s too late. All kinds of pests–termites, bats, rodents and ants–will readily enter vulnerable buildings. Once inside, they can threaten both health and property”.

Pests Love Winter – Here’s Why

  • Subzero temperatures may cause pipes to burst. Damage to drywall and flooring allows pests to trot into your building as carefree as Boy Scouts on a hike. Moreover, pipes can crack instead of burst and leak water for weeks before you notice the problem. The only things pests love more than food and shelter is water.
  • Ice dams can destroy drywall, ceilings, insulation and walls unless removed immediately. They also attract moisture-loving pests such as carpenter ants and termites while providing these pests with softened, easy-to-chew material damaged by water. In addition, ceiling stains may indicate you’ve got ice dams or a compromised roof that is not only letting water seep into your roof but also allowing pests to enter at their discretion.
  • Strong winds will also contribute to building damage. Siding and roofs are especially vulnerable to winter gales that rip off pieces of siding and shingles large enough for raccoons, bats and hefty rats to sneak through start squatting in your building.

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