Although spring hasn’t quite “sprung” yet, facility managers can’t wait to open their building’s doors and windows and let that clean, fresh air eliminate winter’s staleness. Unfortunately, anytime you open your facility to the great outdoors, you are potentially opening it up to a potential ant infestation. In the tri-state area there are several species of hard-working, opportunistic ants that are prevalent. They love nothing more than to find a wide-open facility to take up residence in. One ant species in particular poses a big threat to properties in our area as well as a major menace to a company’s image.

Carpenter Ants

There’s one thing carpenter ants cannot resist–wood. Forming huge colonies inside wood structures by chewing and carving away at solid wood, carpenter ants prefer decaying or moist wood but will happily settle for perfectly good wood in which to nest. While these ants don’t eat wood like termites do, they are quite capable of inflicting costly damage to a structure. What’s worse is that this damage is usually concealed from view because it occurs inside walls, quietly and deceptively. By the time the damage is visible, it’s too late for the damage to be repaired quickly and inexpensively.

Pests Attract More Pests

Not just a nuisance to you, ants and other pest infestations can also give the wrong impression to customers who may think your building is not well-maintained or clean. To help minimize the risk of your building suffering a carpenter ant infestation, remember to keep windows without screens closed, store trash outside away from the exterior of your building and employ great housekeeping practices to make sure ants have no access to food or water resources.

Also be aware that ants attract other pests because other pests think ants make for tasty food. Birds, bats, raccoons and mice will follow a trail of ants by eating them until they reach the ant colony itself. By this time, that pest has also found a way into your facility.

Ants are year round pests that are not only prolific, but potentially destructive to your building and to the reputation of your business. Don’t wait before it’s too late. Call the premier pest control experts, Assured Environments today and get ant-proofed tomorrow!