A breakfast buffet is a great way for a hotel to set itself apart from its competitors. No one can deny the appeal of complimentary pastries, bacon, eggs, yogurt, and fruit. The only problem with a hotel breakfast buffet is that they don’t just attract the guests you want. They also attract unwanted guests… namely, pests.

If you’re trying to keep pests away so your guests can enjoy the most important meal of the day, we want to help. Here are Assured’s best tips for pest-proofing your hotel breakfast buffet. Follow these, and you won’t have to worry about your guests “sharing” their food with something gross.


Always Be Cleaning

Always. Be. Cleaning. Have employees walk through to wipe up spills and sweep the floor every fifteen minutes. Seriously, cleaning the area once a day simply isn’t enough. Food crumbs are a huge draw for pests, so wipe them up as soon as they fall.

Check those corners

Remind yourself to pay special attention to areas you might usually overlook while you’re cleaning. Even diligent cleaners miss places sometimes, and you have to catch every crumb if you want to keep pests out. Watch for corners, seams in the floor, and the underside of rugs in particular.

Put it away

When you’re not using something, don’t leave it out to sit. This goes double for fruit and other sugary food products. Keeping the goods in sealed containers might seem inconvenient, but keeping pests out of your food is worth it.

Be careful with your garbage

Be very particular about garbage practices. Empty the trash daily. Keep outdoor trash receptacles far away from your building. Clean all the bins thoroughly at least once per week.

Watch what you bring in

Examine food deliveries thoroughly before bringing any of the product inside. Pantry pests like the Indian meal moth love sneaking in through dry food deliveries. Keep them out by inspecting all deliveries before carrying them inside.

Train your employees

Prevention is your first protection against infestations. Knowledge is your second. Teach your employees to recognize the signs of pest issues. Encourage them to report any problems they see.


If, despite your best efforts, pests still check in for a stay at your hotel, don’t worry! The professionals at Assured Environments are specially-trained to remove pests quickly, quietly, and effectively. Your job is keeping your guests happy, and our job is helping you do your job.