Many people think of birds as their feathered friends, but the truth is they can be considered as much a pest as rodents and other critters that can spread disease and cause major damage. Utilizing professional bird management is a must in order to deter these problematic pests from landing, roosting and nesting.

Did you know that bird droppings can spread more than 60 transmittable diseases to humans and other animals?

Employing expert bird control is essential. It offers a wealth of benefits, especially to those living in the closer quarters of a busy, populated area like New York City.

Better public image

The nesting materials and droppings that birds leave not only create a safety and health risk to our homes and other structures, they can have a negative impact on the reputation and image of a business.  Unsightly bird droppings have the potential to ruin signs or advertisements and dampen the atmosphere of business that is meant to be welcoming to the public.

If droppings are noticed by customers, it is considered a lack of cleanliness and can become a major issue. By utilizing expert bird control technicians, you’ll be ensured of maintaining the good image of your business.

Preventing damage

Bird droppings are acidic and can cause major damage to the materials used in a structure. If they are allowed to accumulate they can even cause structural damage to buildings, bridges, vehicles and machinery. They can also stain paint or wood after the birds have eaten berries.

Eliminating health and safety risks

There is a long list of health and safety risks when it comes to the mess birds can leave. Their droppings can clog drains and even create a fire hazard when near electronics, lighting or other fixtures.

The more than 60 disease organisms droppings can carry can be transmitted to humans and their pets. The risk is even greater for the very young and the very old as well as those who may have a compromised immune system.

Calling in the trusted pest control experts like those you’ll find at Assured Environments at the first sign of pest birds can help protect your home or business as well as the people and pets on the property.