Many people worry about their appliances breaking down as it can cause a major disruption in already busy lives, but few think about the drains that connect those appliances let alone scheduling regular drain cleaning services. Forgetting about them and hoping for the best is not really an option; if your drains, pipes and the entire system are not running smoothly, you can end up with a major blockage, causing a major inconvenience and a potentially large financial burden.

Water drain lines carry water and sewage out of the home, and if not kept clear it can result in dirty, bacteria-filled water coming into your home, ruining floors, walls and more.

Clogs don’t only occur in drains leading directly from plumbing fixtures, they can build up in larger sewer lines as well. The sewer lines running underneath the home and into the yard can get blocked by the roots of trees causing major sewage backup into the home.

When drains are not consistently kept clean, there are a variety of nasty microorganisms that can build up including mold, mildew, fungus and germs that can quickly become a serious health hazard. By the time an odor begins to set in, those germs and bacteria are already there. When they invade the area around your kitchen sink, a common problem, this increases the risk of food poisoning if these microorganisms come into contact with your food.

Utilizing regular professional drain cleaning services should be considered an essential part of maintaining your home and property. While there are certain minor cases when using a plunger to remove a small clog is acceptable, calling in the professionals can often save time, money, and stress. If you attempt to take your pipes or fixtures apart, it can cause significant damage if not done correctly.

Licensed experts have access to the appropriate draining cleaning equipment as well as being knowledgeable about the necessary steps it takes to ensure your pipes are clear without causing damage. The best strategy to avoid drain clogs, damage to your home as well as health risks, is to implement regular drain cleaning services by calling Assured Environments to stop a problem before it begins.