Summer will be here soon, and as temperatures soar and the humidity rises, it brings an abundance of pesky critters including pests like mosquitos, bees, termites and other bugs. These insects thrive in a warm, moist environment and become more active, reproducing like crazy and searching for food –often in your home.

This is the time for prudent homeowners as well as business owners to take extra precautions to prevent a minor pest problem from becoming a major disaster. Time is of the essence when it comes to pest extermination.


What can happen when bugs invade?

If pests like bugs enter your home it is not only unhygienic, it can be dangerous. Pests can threaten your health by contaminating food and bringing disease. Others can cause serious damage to the home’s structure or the furniture inside.

  • Mosquitos not only leave an irritating bite, they can carry West Nile virus or infect your pets with heartworms.
  • Cockroaches carry lots of harmful bacteria like salmonella or E. coli. Left behind on kitchen equipment, food surfaces, or on the food you eat can quickly lead to illness.
  • Termites can threaten the home’s structure and cause thousands of dollars in damage.
  • Bed bugs bite humans and pets – they are very difficult to get rid of and must be eradicated through pest extermination experts like those you’ll find at Assured Environments.
  • Bees can give nasty sting, and for many people who are allergic they can be deadly, requiring emergency treatment.


Chemical treatments

Homeowners often turn to chemical treatments that can be purchased on store shelves rather than contacting a professional pest extermination company. Unfortunately, these pesticides can be highly poisonous and can threaten humans and pets in addition to the bugs.

Pests often get used to these chemicals, making them ineffective over time. They can require special methods of application that the average person may not be able to perform.

Calling in the pest control experts at Assured Environments will ensure successful, long term pest extermination, preventing future financial disaster as well as health problems.